Monday, August 14

Work in Process...

It's been a stormy weekend, so sewing was in order.   Loved working on a little quilt for my dear GGD, whose seven months old already and sitting precious.

Had fun whipping together this little pretty with left over fabrics from other projects....feels so good to use up some stash. The pinwheels and Pooh Bear fabrics were left over from other baby quilts....

A few more of my Cross and Crown blocks this, need to spend more time on it. I'm looking forward to hand quilt this lovely...

This is my evening paper piecing project, getting reacquainted with some old CW favourite fabrics, enjoying fussy cutting and seeing it grow. A scrappy cream background lets the other jewel CW fabrics shine....

Sorry if the photos are big, I'm having trouble sizing them on this app...

Happy stitching...🌹


  1. Hi Julia... yes it's been bad hasn't it?! I hope no damage to your home; we're fine too but boy the winds have been really big!
    Lots of lovely sewing happening here... love the Pooh quilt & the fabrics in Cross & Crown are lovely.

  2. Cross and Crown is a very interesting block. Love how you fussy cut the fabrics to make your EPP project. It's already so beautiful. Enjoy! ;^)

  3. pretty progress all round, the pinwheel and Pooh Bear quilt is lovely!

  4. I think the big photos give us a great view of your projects!
    Love the soft pinwheels in the baby quilt.
    Your Cross and Crown blocks are beautiful, as is the paper piecing project. I marvel at those of you who have the patience to paper piece on a regular basis. The results are wonderful, I just have a hard time sticking with them. This will be lovely.

  5. A cute quilt you've made for your dear GGD..
    Cross and Crown 👑 is lovely , you'll enjoy hand quilting it...

  6. Love the projects your working on.......

  7. Growing nicely several quilts there!

  8. Well, I like the big photos. You have been busy! And I agree, the jewel tones of the CW fabrics are looking particularly good!

  9. the pinwheel and Pooh Bear quilt is lovely

  10. Lovely projects! Using up stash is always good. And EPP at night is a good idea. I haven't done that for a long time - maybe I should get out my GFG project and get it finished!


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