Wednesday, February 22

Pinterest quilts in the making...

While scrolling through Pinterest quilts found on several boards..
Lovely to see them again....being shared and enjoyed out there with the quilting community.
The medallion drunkards path quilt was made in 9 quilt as you go sections.....hand quilting each section separately. A great way to handle a large quilt.
Love this new blogging app....just wish I knew how to resize the photos on here.....

Hope everyone is having a lovely week....🌹



  1. Pinterest can be quite addictive. There is so much inspiration. It is also a great way to bookmark pages. And it also helps bring in traffic to your blog or website. Your quilts are so beautiful - I can easily see why they were pinned often.

  2. A compliment to your beautiful work to find your quilts on the boards of others!

  3. How nice that others can enjoy your lovely works of HEART! You are very talented. Enjoy the remainder of the week. xoxo

  4. How nice others can enjoy your beautiful work..

  5. I remember many posts about these lovely quilts.

  6. I love seeing your quilts pop up on Pinterest.

    Try tapping on the corner of the photo in edit Julia, it should then highlight with big dots, you should then be able to reduce or enlarge the size. At least that is how I have been doing it.

  7. I love checking to see how many photos from my blogs have been pinned and how many times...


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