Monday, February 13

Pineapple Stars....

Here I am again, persevering. I'm going to blog one way or another.
Not having much luck with blogging apps, so doing this the long way ...the only way for now...
this is what I had to do.
Take photo with my it to my laptop, save it to folder, then blog from my laptop. A lot of messing about, but at least I can blog that way. 
Have you noticed, even Picasa is gone.....all my photos that were there are gone....
"Not happy Jan " Aussie friends will remember that TV commercial...
Crazy weather here, hot, record temperatures as never had before ..with dangerous fires on the east coast.    My heart and thoughts go out to those affected , who have lost property, heartbreaking...stay safe..
Here on the west coast, it's been raining for days, record rain..... flooding....heartbreaking for many.
Where's our summer!!


  1. Ah ha! That's how I blog Julia....guess it's hard to tach an old dog new tricks.....
    Another beautiful Quilt......

    Yes it is just sew sad to see all the fires over East and then the flooding in our south.. just the weirdest weather we are having all over Aussie...

  2. Oh there should be an e in teach!!

  3. Gorgeous quilt!

    I can upload the photo to my blog using my iPad and Blogger. As long as I don't try to type any words, I can save as a draft. Then I write the post itself either using Chrome on my iPad or using my laptop. I sure wish Blogger would create an update to fix the issues. Keep persevering!

  4. I'm blogging in a similar way at the moment! Take pic using notebook. Upload pics to blogger, one at a time! Save draft post. Then shut down note book and open up laptop to arrange pics in correct order and write blog.
    Hmm, I went way back on my blog and all of my pictures are still there for the world to see. Not sure why you cant see yours?

  5. So very sad to learn of the severe weather conditions in your area. Thank you for sharing this amazing and gorgeous quilt. I love to see your beautiful work.
    I hope your week will be very nice. xoxo

  6. Sorry you are having trouble blogging, but I am glad you persevered. That is such a unique combination of blocks, and it worked up into a beautiful quilt!
    Sounds like there is no where to escape troubles--either heat and fires, or rain and flooding!

  7. Hello Lovely!! Great to see your name pop up on my Reading List, and wow Pineapple Stars is gorgeous... so much piecing... beautiful!
    As for blogging - I've always just used Blogger as it is - & using the Blogger way of adding pics to posts - I've never had any problems or found it fiddly. I keep all my pics in various albums in my computer, so I just get my blog post pics from there. It's interesting to read of how others do it... good luck with getting it sorted out!

  8. I virtually gave up blogging. Four posts in one year is not good going. I just found it too hard to get to grips with things and relearning the process. I now use Blog Touch Pro and it seems to be working ok.

    The quilt looks beautiful. Keep up the good work Julia.

  9. all your pics are in google photos pleased to see you back and I am a bit behind the times here............great quilt


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