Thursday, February 16

Lois's Beautiful Doily Quilt..

Last Tuesday at my patchwork group, we were treated to this beautiful eye candy.
Isn't this just so amazing. Lois's doily quilt, if only the doilies could talk. 
What stories they hold hidden forever, that we shall never know .  Perhaps a young girls handwork for her hope chest, a beloved grandmas embroidery passion. 
Some doilies were Lois's, some gifted and some from op shops...
This will surely become a family heirloom...
Lois reads my blog, please leave her a comment, she will be thrilled to read them...

Have a lovely day...🌹


  1. Hi Lois and Julia, This is an amazing quilt and so beautiful. Thank you for sharing with me! Mildred in Georgia, USA

  2. Holy smokes! That is incredible! How did you quilt it Lois?

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Connie, I'll pass on your comment

  4. An amazing creation. I love quilts made of vintage linens and this is a beauty!!

  5. Such a gorgeous memory Quilt made with doilies....

  6. What a lovely usable treasure, so much better then the doilies been sent to the op shop! Now I know what to do with the ones from my grandmothers that I cannot bear to throw out, but do not use.

  7. It looks beautiful, Lois! My only complaint, Julia, is that there are no close ups! But, these whitework quilts are a lovely way to preserve old linens, so Lois, well done!

  8. Gorgeous Quilt, would love to make one.


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