Friday, February 10

Beginners Luck....and Thank you...

So lovely to be back. Thank you for welcoming me back with your kind comments.
I'm testing a new app for blogger on my iPad, here's hoping it's user friendly.   May take a while to work it out, so please excuse my errors.

I've had a few inquiries on how I'm adding the corner quarter circles, here's a little tutorial to explain my method.
I found this the most easiest way without fussing with papers...

I made the required template, and on the right side of fabric drew around it with a Frixion pen, added seam allowance.

Turn back and baste the seam allowance, using the pen mark as a guide.

Being mindful of placement, making sure you just line up to the tri points....Pin or glue in place and appliqué.
So easy....

Hope this is easy to read, so far it was easy to write this up with the new app, free to test.
Have a wonderful day...raining here, a good day to retreat to my sewing room..

Hugs Julia 💕


  1. Very clear tutorial, Julia. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Julia. Looks easy ?

    What is the new app for your ipad as the post looks great...
    I always having trouble positioning photos etc on my i Pad...

  3. Ah, dear Julia... Aren't we Lucky ! You're just back, and already you treat us with such a clever tip/tutorial ! THANK YOU :)

    In stitches,

  4. Thank you for sharing the pictures of how the curved part is done. I would have thought the outer strips would have been full length instead of a gap on the corners.

  5. Just love the top your working on. Thanks for the explanation. Greetings


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