Saturday, February 18

Beginners Luck...a little more progress.


Getting there, just two more rows, then borders.
The one on cover of the book is done in 1930's repro....very pretty.

Really need to set up a design wall somewhere..

P.S....sorry if the photo is too big, found a great app that works beautifully, but I need to work out how to resize photos...

Have a lovely weekend.. 🌹


  1. Julie, have you found a new blogging Ap? If you have can you share please?

    Loving your new patchwork.

  2. Nothing wrong with big photos--the better to see them!! : )
    I am really loving this creation. Such a clever design, and you are executing it well.

  3. This is beautiful and I like the large photo. I wish you a very lovely weekend. xoxo

  4. Love the pattern, what a lovely quilt!

  5. Your flimsy is growing nicely...
    Ah! a good App ??

  6. Makes such an interesting design when blocks are placed next to each other. You have accomplished a lot.

  7. Quilters are visual, so I also appreciate the large photo. :D It looks great so far, Julia, and I am very interested to see the borders!

  8. This going to be gorgeous! I love the fabrics and it's such an interesting block.

  9. Great progress Julia, maybe you have finished by now?


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