Wednesday, August 3

Making good progress on my new quilt..

Loving this new quilt project, and the beautiful CW fabrics.....they just never date!
It's lovely working on something I love.   This needs a name....

Have a fun day sewing...

Hugs Julia....💕


  1. very pretty.......glad you have your quilting MoJo.....:-)

  2. Nice you are enjoying sewing again... Sorry can't think of a name for you.....

  3. Aww Julia! This is one of my secret favorite blocks! This is the sweetest of your quilts since your beautiful dresden quilt! If I become inspired with a name for it, you'll be the first to know. I think the name for it really needs to come from your heart though.

  4. The block design is a variation to an Improved Nine Patch block but certainly deserves a better name for your quilt.

  5. Great block, I have never made this one, but love a nine patch every which way, especially in reproductions. Enjoy.

  6. Such pretty blocks! I've wanted to make a quilt in that pattern for ages. One of these days I'll get around to it! :0)

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