Sunday, July 10

Meet my pen pal... last, I met my pen pal in of about 5 years in Tulsa. We had the best couple of days together..

We went Shopping.... we visited 4 quilt shops, yep, I had a little list...don't all us quilters have a list!
Shopped at the mall, such a fun time to share with Paula.

These two beautiful ladies are sisters and own the quilt shop. Some CW fabric came home with me.
Had a wonderful time turning the quilts on Paula's bed.....and I thought I had a lot of quilts. Beautiful award winning quilts , fun quilts....
Paula gifted me this hand quilted vintage quilt....beautifully cared for....not sure how old it is, perhaps the fabrics will date it....anyone have an idea on the era....
We shopped,  Paula and her DH David treated us to a drive on Route 66,....a tribute to Elvis show, an amazing two days....wish we had more time together.

The back up singer on the right actually sang with Elvis until he passed away....

Look who I saw at the airport....I got to have a lovely chat with her...😍
So with all my shopping for myself, the quilt and family shopping, I had to buy another case...good thing Qantas allow 2 cases....


  1. What an awesome time we had. So wonderful that we got to meet face to face. The Quilting World is a wonderful place, so many nice people.

  2. What a great trip, meeting your pen pal must have been a real highlight. Love this quilt, sorry no idea how to date it though.

  3. Looks like you had so much fun!
    I am no help at dating those fabrics. Sorry.
    Why was the woman from the stage in a wheelchair at the airport?

  4. What a wonderful trip Maria. I LOVE the beautiful quilt gifted by your lovely friend. x

  5. Oh! I missed out on the fact that you were in the US! How wonderful for you! I'm thrilled that you had a chance to visit, and that you met up with a longtime quilter-friend. I'm going to have the same excitement as your friend Paula did when my Sydney quilting-blogger friend comes to visit me in Florida next February! So excited for her visit and the chance to attend two quilt shows together: QuiltCon East, and AQS Daytona Beach. It's quite amazing to know how the world has gotten smaller through technology. I'm grateful for it.


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