Thursday, January 28

Need to get back to this....

Really need to get back to this, you may be able to see the creases where it's been folded and put away in a tub....5/8th hexies, great take out sewing project, just need to work on it more....
There's really no rush as this will go into my great grandkids ( great grand-daughter) hope chest...
...and below is another work in process, that I need to get back to .......

.....using up my CW them so much and such fun going through them, finding old favourites that would be hard to find now...
Do you find the longer they sit, put away for awhile, the harder it is to get back to ......

Have a lovely day whatever you have planned....

Hugs Julia.....


  1. The Holly Hobbie hexie quilt is a gorgeous one to put away for you GGD.. And the Pinapples are coming along nicely..
    Yes I am like you , the longer projects are tucked away the harder to get back to them.
    Enjoy playing with them Julia...

  2. Both are beautiful works in progress, but I LOVE the pineapple blocks!

  3. Love your pineapples, so colorful.

  4. Both are beautiful 5/8" yikes that is small! I'm making 1 1/2" and this seems huge in comparison

  5. Two wonderful projects. Since I am not patient with hexies, I really admire your work on those.
    The pineapples speak to me. Loving what you are doing with those!

  6. Both of these are lovely projects. I am especially drawn to the pineapple one. I have hexie and pineapple projects on my to-do list, but alas, it is going to be a long while before I build up my skill level to do them.

  7. I have many projects that come under that category Julia and starting new ones are much more exciting. It would be a shame not to make progress as both are delicious. Yummy.

  8. I agree it is hard to re-start a project. But after those initial difficult steps it all comes flooding back. Have fun.

  9. The hexies are lovely, but, oh my, I adore the pineapple!


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