Sunday, July 19

Still here,

 A dear quilting friend has missed not seeing me this is for her.
Yes, just not doing much sewing. Lost a bit of passion and the enthusiasum (where's spell check when I need it ) I once had....but I'm happy to say........Baby quilts and crochet throws have taken over my life these days .

What could be cuter than Pooh Bear.   Boy or girl I'm sure this cot quilt will be loved.  Still need to add another alphabet print pinwheels.
This was a book panel, but decided to make it into a quilt.
This  is growing slowly....ver slowly.
I'm going to square it off and then crochet rows of those soft pastel coloures in borders.

The weather is crazy down under right now.....snow on the East coast...really!    We on the west coast had bitterly cold days all last week.

Just noticed my chef son Joe in my sidebar is blogging again after a long break....check out his yummy Leek and Ricotta Filo Pie..

Take care.....hugs Julia....


  1. Hello Julia!! I have Pooh Bear love, you can't go wrong with Pooh, he's lovable. Very pretty crochet blanket, I have just taught myself to crochet by watching Youtube tutorials. I saw on the news some parts of Australia are experiencing snow, it must be exciting for young and old! Hugsxx

  2. Yes I have missed you too! Nice to see you pop up..

    Pooh Bear is the cutest fella for a baby quilt. Love those pinwheels too.
    Pretty crocheted hexies , enjoy making them.

  3. Always good to see a blog post from you Julia. Lovely treasures for the new arrivals.xx

  4. Lovely baby cot quilt and blanket. Perfect work for this cool weather and nice to have crochet on hand if your not feeling quilty. Dont worry it will come back to you, we all need a break now and then!

  5. I notice that things are a bit quieter in the winter months, some of us just slow down a little.
    Lovely colours in the crocheted blanket.
    I agree, love the pinwheel.

  6. Very happy to hear from you! Oh, Pooh Bear is a delight and what a sweet quilt you have made from that book panel.
    Your crochet work is so pretty.
    Do you have lucky little ones in mind for these projects?

  7. Lovely crocheting and that quilt is gorgeous...Congrats on being a great grandma to be :) I lost a lot of my mojo for a few months - but I am back quilting a King sized quilt just now...trying to get what I have pieced...completed...and I want to do much more :)

  8. You are so talented with needles and with hooks. Wow. I imagine you must struggle to find time to post. No excuses necessary. Nice to read your stories whenever they appear.

  9. Sure understand about losing one's "oomph" for sewing and quilting. I think it happens to all of us at one time or another. Well, your work is still lovely, particularly those crocheted hexagons. You make pretty things.


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