Wednesday, May 6

New Project..update...DD's quilt

A little update on DD's quilt....I really need to make more of an effort to get more done..
Starting out from the centre is this fussy cut medallion, still have little leaves to add to this...
....I've also prepared some fussy cutting to do and whip stitch can see the design on my previous post..
I really do need to try and do more, much to do in the coming months..♥
These have been on my to do list for so long....."Under the Southern Stars"
Beautiful quilt designs....lots of work
Love this one, the photo doe not do it justice ....
...and a little Dr Seuss panel I picked up for whatever...
These are just a few on my to do list...and as you may do the same, the list grows everytime I get inspired by something new!....
Have a great day...♥


  1. Lovely Julia.
    Are you going to the Craft Fair this month?

  2. Under the Southern Stars looks like a very impressive design. Would take some careful piecing.

  3. You have make a great start on DD quilt and the other projects you have look fabulous.

    Dr Suess is more my style..Lol...easier.

  4. Hi Julia, exciting to see you are going to make Under the Southern Stars, did you know I made this quilt a few years back?

  5. P.S if you put Under the Southern Stars in the search box (top left hand corner) of my blog you will find it.

  6. You've chosen what appear to me to be some very ambitious projects! Beautiful quilts. : )

  7. Your DD quilt is stunning - you are off to a great start and I am really looking forward to following your progress!

  8. Hi Julia - I'm sure you'll get on a roll with this one & then you won't be so worried about it... love the fabrics!

  9. the quilt is looking good.........great start....


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