Friday, April 10

Catching up..

The brides bouquet and the lovely country setting among the majestic Tuart trees...

It's been a busy busy month...
Two kitchen teas done, Grandsons wedding last weekend. A magical country setting, two very special people taking that step into a wonderful future together.

Sorry, I'm not posting family photos, but I'd like to share these two photos with you.

I'm now taking a little break and then on to my Grand Daughters wedding... 

Sorry if the photos are too big,I'm still learning to use my iPad...

Have a lovely weekend 
Hugs Julia...


  1. A beautiful bouquet and a gorgeous setting!
    Enjoy your trip--safe travels!

  2. You popped into my mind last night before I went to bed and I was thinking about your weddings. How amazing to see you here on waking up. It looks a beautiful setting and the bouquet is gorgeous. Enjoy your trip.

  3. Love the bouquet. What a beautiful setting, enjoy!

  4. Love the bouquet. What a beautiful setting, enjoy!

  5. The gorgeous bouquet goes perfect with the setting.
    Have a lovely holiday Julia...

  6. So beautiful Julia. I know it was a wonderful wedding! thanks for the pictures

  7. So pleased the wedding went well.........the bouquet is gorgeous........and what a beautiful spot for a wedding........I love bush scenes....

  8. What a very pretty setting for the ceremony, Julia...
    It fair enough not to post family pics, I don't either...
    take care x

  9. The photos are not big at all. What a beautiful bouquet, I love the subtle colours. And I can smell the eucalyptus from here! Have fun at the next one!


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