Wednesday, April 22

Back from my break.....all inspired again!

I had the BEST time on my little break to Melbourne with the BEST group of ladies...
The weather was very kind to us, just one really cold and wet day, but when your having so much fun, it didn't matter.......
Our tour organizer Samantha is amazing, everything was perfect....beautiful hotels, cooked breakfasts tours, dinners....Melbourne is well known for it's restaurants and caf├ęs.  We even did the very special Tram Dinner, that was lovely! 
 This is the second trip with these girls and I think we have bonded so well there will be many more...
Now onto the shopping...OMG, shopping is amazing in Melbourne !
Here is just a little of what I bought quilting wise...I won't mention the clothes shopping!
We visited Zoe Clifton's quilt shop....This is her lasted pattern...literally hot of the printing press. It was still being printed when we were there,  Zoe dropped the patterns off to us at our hotel just before we left to fly home...

A gorgeous very first kit daughter who came with me fell in love with this quilt, so I bought the kit to make up for's all in her colours, colours that she wants to paint some feature walls in..

Zoe did a little demo on these templates for was lovely to watch her and hear how she uses these to make many different hexagon blocks....and I thought I was over hexagons, but this inspired me again!
With future babies in mind....I fell in love with this fun quilt pattern to put aside for when ever!
...and these old favourite pieces of CW fabrics that I've run out of...
The quilt convention that we mainly went over for was amazing (that word again)....can't describe it any other way....OMG, so many quilt designers there, from the states, here, everywhere...
I have never seen so many designers together in one place like that....

I'd really love  to give a shout out to Patchworhwork at Homespun that we booked the tours with...the shop is filled with inspiring quilt idea, fabrics and happy staff that make visiting there a pleasure....
So, now it's time to catch up at home and start my new projects.....


  1. Looks like you had a delightful time. The Zoe Clifton patterns are beautiful, and I LOVE that baby quilt pattern. : )

  2. I am sew pleased you had a fabulous time Julia.. Only wish I had booked when we last spoke.. Please give me the thumbs up for next year.

    Such a gorgeous kit and how wonderful to have a demo by Zoe too. The Bug pattern is very cute..

    Sew looking forward to catching up soon. Hugz Maria

  3. Sounds magic! just what you needed after all the weddings and serious quilt making! yummy purchases too!

  4. Glad you had a great time and hope your Saturday went well. I also enjoyed Quilt convention for the first time, and fitted in some new to me patchwork shops in Melbourne.Love your purchases, but think you were very restrained!! Mind you I only brought one t shirt, the rest was fabric!

  5. Enjoyed hearing your report of your trip and how you are inspired by your purchases. I won't mention the clothes shopping. Glad you had a great time.x

  6. Glad you had such a good time and so sorry I missed you. Maybe next year?
    We are very lucky in Melbourne and surrounds with all wonderful shows, exhibitions and shops that we have.


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