Saturday, March 14

Withdrawl symptoms.....this and that...

Ok, I'm as ready for the two weddings as I'm ever going to be. All the frocks are ready......and feel the need to get back to my own sewing..
One bridal shower done, one to go this month and then it's just waiting for the two big wedding days in April..
While going through my quilts and stuff, looking for inspiration on what to work on, I came across this lovely. I LOVE this quilt, .Dresdens and Dollies..all hand pieced and quilted.
I laid it out on my bed and thought it needs two pillow shams to finish it off...make the bed pretty and complete.
 Cute pretty bows in the corners, as the dollies dance around the quilt holding hands.
I still have heaps of rose fabrics....yes you might remember some time back when I posted that this tub of rose fabrics is never ending. I have made so many quilts out of this tub of fabrics.
I also still have the papers for the Dresdens which I can use for the pillow shams...
So that's my next project to work on....♥
I found this on You cool is this needle, I do have one that's top self threading, but I think this one would also come in handy.

I saw a little demo on Pinterest where this needle was used to bury the quilting threads  into a finished quilt, made it look so easy and quick.....sorry I can't find it now to share.
There is so much on Pinterest I could easily spend all day on there and get nothing done.

It's so good to be back.
Have a wonderful weekend.....I'm off to sew....♥ 


  1. Hus back at you Julia! Wishing you the best for the up coming weddings. What can I say about the dresden quilt, except it would look better on my bed :-) So lovely, you clever lady, pillow shams are a nice idea.

  2. Sew nice to see you pop up Julia. You sure have been a busy girl...
    I love that quilt too and look forward to seeing the pretty shams on the bed with it...
    Happy stitching, Hugz Maria

  3. Look forward to seeing your finished pillow shams with that gorgeous quilt Julia.

  4. Shams will be a lovely finish to match your dancing dollies.
    I love that needle--I'll have to look for them.
    Hope all goes well with the weddings!

  5. Good to see you have a new project and the needle looks interesting. Have you seen one or tried it? Would love to try it.

  6. so pleased to hear you are all set to attend the weddings with frocks and will be wonderful back to the dollies......I always love them........

  7. I have always loved this quilt!! Shams would be wonderful and a great way to use up all that wonderful stash! Watch, the last of the flowered fabric will go and you will think of something wonderful to make with off to the Quilt Shop you will go! That's always the way!! haha

  8. Cool things on Pinterest, yes! I try not to get sucked into it, as I'm missing out on reading blogs when I do! Thanks for sharing the video with that interesting needle!

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