Monday, March 9

Still here...just busy!

Yes, I'm still here, just so busy with wedding preparations...
Thank you so much to all who emailed asking if I was OK.....
I been busy doing some minor frock alterations for the girls,  shopping for outfits for me, and  bridal showers, gifts, etc....a very exciting time for the family.
April is going to be so full on, two weddings, a little trip over east with my DD to the quilt convention and group tour to fit in between the weddings.
 My DD and I are taking a mother daughter break away, something we have never really done's going to be wonderful....oh and a visit to my Aunt / Godmother over there who I haven't seen in a long time, she is 96 now, so it will be a very special trip.
My outfits bought, sorry can't share just yet, but here's a sneak peak of my shoes and beaded bag.
Not much sewing going on right now, so I may be missing from my blog a little longer.
Take care, keep sewing...♥


  1. I hope the wedding goes well.

  2. Your April sounds wonderful. Hope to meet up with you at the quilt show.

  3. Thanks for the post. I was being to worry about you

  4. oh La La Julia, you are going to be beautiful at the wedding. I love the purse and shoes....

  5. Such happy news, Julia. I've been wondering about you, too. Sounds like a very exciting and delightful time ahead, for sure. Can't wait to see the complete outfit ;) - Karen

  6. You are going to be most glamorous Julia. Love the shoes. Glad all is well.xx

  7. Judging from the accessories, you are going to look stunning!
    Sounds like a rich, eventful time for you. Enjoy!

  8. I am EXCITED about your mother daughter trip! And I am looking forward to seeing your outfit (your shoes and bags are divine!).

  9. I hope all of these events go really well Julia & that you enjoy them...

  10. Hello Julia, Checking in on you. Lovely purse/shoes. So many wonderful things to look forward to. I hope you will share many photos with your blog friends.

    Our little dog that belonged to mother, passed away. She was 14. Oh, how we miss her.

    Sending my love. Mildred


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