Thursday, March 19

Pillow Shams....where there's a will there's a way!

It took most of yesterday....and with a lot of thought and a bit of messing about.... I did it..!.
That piece of left over background fabric was still not big enough for two pillow shams...  but I had these circles of background fabric that I had cut away from behind the Dresden's, before I quilted it. I do this so there's less bulk and thickness to hand-quilt.
I trimmed them back to 7 inch squares....
I felt a little sad cutting all this fabric away.....but then, that's all I had to play with...
Yes, more scraps.....but these are definitely going in the bin..!
  then ...pieced the squares with a muslin piece under where the Dresden will be.
Looking good so far....
I then added a one inch border sashing of dark green.......and used the left over fabric piece to add a strip of that to the top and bottom.....with more squares cut in half, added to the sides...
Worked out perfectly.....
How good do these to finish them off.....quilt and make these lovelies into pillow shams
A big thanks to Monica who left me a comment yesterday with the idea to do a similar thing.....great minds think alike... 
Never give up...."Where there is a will there's a way"......
Have a great day....


  1. Hello Julia,

    That is so clever, the pillow shams are just lovely. Have a great day.

    Happy days.

  2. Sew well worth the effort Julia. Your shams are gorgeous...

  3. Yes, they look great Julia! How lucky that you cut away the backgrounds, I know not everyone likes to do that. Now the set is complete!

  4. Very clever. Great use of your leftovers.

  5. Great idea and the end result is lovely!

  6. Brilliant, Julia! And they look beautiful!

  7. Great idea Julia. I guess sometimes some fabric has to become unusable scraps so we can end up with something good to enjoy.
    Very pretty x


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