Friday, January 16

This and That...feathers, microwave potholder....just playing.

Don't know if this is being very creative, but I have been quite productive...
I appliqued the hexies diamonds on the three placemat back grounds...
...then quilted feathers around the hexies....if nothing else at least I'm practicing my feathers....
...corners are getting easier to do, still not all perfect, but a few weeks ago I couldn't do this....
I love playing with feathers.....practice and perseverance are the key words..
Just need to do the blue and white ones from my previous post  now.....♥
Oh yes, I just had to have a play making these...microwave pot holders... quick and easy to do. These are a must for heating up little bowls of food...
...this is what the underneath side looks like..
Another great chook fabric holder...
....this one fits my square bowl perfectly
.....also in my colours...
..and of course a blue and white one for a friend.....
Here's is the great tutorial that I followed....
I tested one out yesterday  and it worked a treat...I love it....just microwave the bowl in the more tea towels or mitten pot holders, just pick the holder up by the corners and  lift out of the microwave....
Have a great creative / productive  weekend .....♥ 


  1. I just made one of these potholder bowls yesterday also. Love it. See lots of Christmas gift sewing in my future.

  2. Looks creative to me. You have been busy. I am always afraid of fire with cloth in a microwave. A while back, there was a warning not to use the cloth bags for baking potatoes in the microwave. I do not know if there have been any accidents involving them. Just remember reading the warning.

  3. Thanks for the link Julia, I will be giving one of those bowl holders a go, as I am always heating up left overs.

  4. Lovely feathers!!! The microwave holder is a fun and practical idea.

  5. Hello Julia,

    Your feathers are coming along nicely. Love the place mats. Thanks for the link for the bowl holder, such a great idea for my porridge in the morning.

    Happy days.

  6. Always lots of creativity on your blog Julia. Lovely items but I hope you don't get stuck in the kitchen all year!

  7. Wow thats a productive collection for sure Julia. I have seen those microwave bowl holders and wondered about them thinking what a great idea. Seeing yours I think I may have to look deeper! Love your placemats, very flash, not for use with beetroot though! Hope all is well with you xx

  8. Very creative, I'd say, Julia! Your feathers look so good. Once you get the hang of them they are very fun to play with. Before then they just frustrated me. : )
    Those bowl holders look really handy!

  9. Love your Fethers Julia...
    Those microwave pot holders look fabulous. Thanks for the link. Will check it out.

  10. beautiful quilting there Julia, it's great that you can see you're improving with the feathers.
    Great microwave bowls there... I received one for Christmas...


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