Wednesday, January 28

Scrappy Whatever!...for want of a better name...

I can't think of a name for this table it's name is Scrappy Whatever!
I started out making two scrappy quilt tops, a scrappy pinwheel, and a scrappy periwinkle....
....but seeing them as UFO's for so long I decided to put the two together and see if I can save them from being UFO's forever...
To be honest I didn't like the process of piecing the periwinkles together...way to fiddly for me.
I was not enjoying the process, so it was not fun.... time to make some changes...
I pieced together all the pinwheels... removed the papers from the back of the periwinkles and will fuse them on around the border...then I'll have a go at machine appliqueing around them.
I don't know why that first one looks smaller than the others....I hope it's just the angle of the camera shot...must check!
Stay safe where ever you are...♥


  1. Nice table topper Julia. Scrappy's always looks great.

  2. Great job Julie. Hope to see you at the Perth bloggers get together.

  3. Sorry my bad, meant to be an a and not an e. Julia.

  4. Nice way to consolidate two UFOs into one finish.
    Even if the one periwinkle is a tad smaller, once they are all on I wouldn't think it would be that noticeable.

  5. I think these two scrap projects compliment each other perfectly. And what a great way to practise some machine applique...with plenty of empty space still for some of your lovely quilting :)

  6. Very lovely. I had to make periwinkles last year, by machine, for a quilt & never want to make them again as nice as they look. Hugs,xx

  7. Oh I like the table topper very much. I think adding the periwinkle stars in the border will be well worth the effort!

  8. Julia, what a great way to stop the pieces being ufo's, it will be a lovely topper.
    See you next week!


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