Tuesday, January 20

Red and White...Secret Garden Quilt....

I made this Red and White "Secret Garden" wall hanging quilt back in 2002..
I thought it needed freshening up a bit so I thought I'd gently hand - wash it....
The Red embroidery thread work are all my designs....it was my Crinoline Ladies passion thing at the time...I still love both Red work and the Crinoline Ladies, just have not been doing any of that kind of work lately...

While I was refreshing the quilt, I thought I would unpick the stipple quilted border and ....you guessed it I'm sure....feather it....yes, I'm becoming a bit of a feathers tragic....
What would we do without those colour catchers....oh my, at first I added 3 sheets to the wash water....but that was not enough...
..another 2 added to the rinse water, and a I think I could have...should have added more..
In a few small place there is that slight tinges of pink....
That's from the plain 12+ year old Burgundy Homespun fabric in the framing - sashing...
It's Ok, but I know now to be more careful when choosing these dark solid fabrics.....in all fairness I do think we are so lucky that now days the fabrics are of great quality and very rarely bleed or  run....
....but I would still use these fantastic colour catchers....
My local patchwork group starts up again today...yay...I have missed the girls..
Take care....♥


  1. So very pretty. I love the red toille fabric.

  2. Lovely! You sure are becoming a feather addict!

  3. Seeing so many pink color catchers after your wash and rinse sends a shiver through me. Yes, what would we do without them?
    Pairing the red toile with your lovely Crinoline Ladies is quite the perfect, elegant combination.

  4. I think it is great that you are so happy with your feathers now. That will make this piece even more special.
    This is a perfect example of why I keep a couple of boxes of color catchers on hand. : )

  5. Yes I LOVE colour catchers too Julia..
    we are lucky that fabrics are better BUT I still put in those lovely catchers...

    Sew happy you could join your sewing friends again today..

  6. Feathers in the border are a great idea.
    Those colour catches have saved me a few times too.

  7. Thank goodness for colour catchers. I love that toile fabric. Have fun with your friends. I am off doing the same today.xx

  8. That's a lot of color catchers! But I think washing it was the right thing to do, it will extend its life. Plus, I'm sure your feathers will be beautiful!

  9. Your feathers look lovely, they are a bit addictive. The toile is gorgeous. I don't trust the homespuns but thank goodness for dye catchers.

  10. So pretty, thank goodness all is well

  11. I am sure the feathers will be wonder4ful.. Colour catchers seem great... I have a large hand quilted quilt...first one I ever made... and I KNOW the burgundy will run when I wash it...I think I need a lot more colour catchers.. Love what you are doing and yes - my DWR quilt is still on the go.


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