Saturday, January 31

Quilt Gift...Confetti Quilt.....and EQ7

A  quilt for a new baby girl..... my fairly new neighbour's baby girl, was born on Tuesday.
Absolutely beautiful precious baby girl.....I am not usually drawn to new born babies, but this little bundle of joy reminded me so much of my own beautiful baby girl who will turn..... 52 next was love at first sight!
I thought this very girlie quilt "Confetti" might be perfect for the new baby.....not so babyish that she would grow out of it too soon. I thought this girlie colourful quilt will be suitable and get used a lot while she is growing up, right into her teens......
On my Susie... I stitched down around the centre of the Yo-yo's to secure and so little fingers would not get caught up in them......A label on the back with all the babies detail....It will  my pleasure to present this to the proud Mum and Dad...♥
Playing on my EQ7......I came across these blocks....
Some time ago I did an online class to learn more on how EQ7 works, tips and shortcuts..... was great I did learn a lot, but unfortunately I didn't keep up with what I learned, and now have forgotten most of it.....I did take notes, but it's all a blur now...
Some of these blocks would make great quilts.....
Yes, all in the CW colours and fabrics that I love.....
Have a lovely weekend..
Take care....


  1. Lovely quilt that baby neighbor will enjoy for many many years. Hope you are doing well Julia. So busy with grandchildren and my mother that I get very few chances to read blogs. Think of you often though.

  2. That's a beautiful quilt for a baby girl. Such bright and happy colours.

  3. That is a very happy quilt for a girl--little or not!
    You have created some really nice blocks. I don't have EQ, so I am impressed with what you have done. It looks tricky to me. : )

  4. Lucky little baby girl to have this beautiful quilt from you.
    Fabulous blocks you have designed..

  5. What a lovely quilt made with such happy colours. I agree that it is a quilt that will grow with her!

  6. Beautiful baby quilt, such a special gift. You are doing well on your EQ7.

  7. A great quilt for a girl to grow into!

  8. My EQ7 just sits in the box. Just don't take the time to learn how to use it. Always off sewing or working my business.


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