Friday, November 14

Tigers getting quilted....

Love this quilt...and I know DGD will love it even more..
It's just so different to what I have been working on before this quilt, it's been a lovely change and I think it's come together so well.
 I think the Log cabin blocks really add that special touch, that with those colours pull it all together..... it looks stunning!
I have done all the ditch stitching and added the's still pinned and dear Sweet Susie will at last get another play...  
Here's a close up of the cushion covers...I just need to buy the cushion inserts...
Ok we will have a play...not sure what I'll quilt. I might try and outline the tigers to make then stand out...being the stars of the quilt , as they are anyway......♥

This is my take out project at the moment....little periwinkles in CW fabrics...
Have a great and safe weekend....♥


  1. Yes, those log cabin blocks are a brilliant addition.

  2. It is so visually rich! I agree that the log cabins are an excellent addition on your part.
    I like your periwinkles. Very cute. : )

  3. It is lovely Julia, and yes those log cabins really add to the design so well.

  4. Fun quilt! Love the periwinkles, fabulous fabric!

  5. Love your periwinkles! Pretty cool tiger quilt!

  6. Your granddaughter is going to love this quilt!


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