Friday, October 3

Updates...this and that....

Where does the time go....seems like the days are way too short with not enough hours in the days...
.....,but I have been very busy getting the Vintage Dresden quilted.....Yay!!
I have spent hours and hours on this,  I'm so happy with how it's turned out.....I just love it so much.
I just need to add the hanging sleeve then wash and block it...♥
Ah yes....the Lone Star.....Now that the Dresden is finished, I can spend more time on this.
Slowly getting there. I am now more than half way around the star. I'm hoping to have this to a flimsy before Christmas.....yes, it's creeping up on us!....♥

Just so this post is not too same, same and boring, I thought I would share what I have hanging up in my family room...
Flowers in the Garden.....That little tin on the shelf was my primary school sewing held all my sewing needs and seemed so big at the time...... might remember this one...."Spring Harvest"
Little Teddies that I made all over the place......

To finish off, more roses from my garden....if only you could smell them, the most divine perfume. This season has been the best show of roses that I have ever gorgeous are these Apricot roses.

Have a wonderful weekend.   Stay safe ....♥


  1. Congrats on the Dresden finish!!! So beautiful--you should be proud!
    Flowers in the Garden is such a pretty thing, too.
    But those apricot roses made me take a deep breath. I so wanted to smell their beauty! : )

  2. Wow ... your Dresden Plates is beautiful ... gorgeous quilting!

  3. Magic!!!! Looks amazing! What do you pin your quilt to to block it after washing?
    You ARE getting there with your star quilt, so is Christmas!!

  4. I love the Dresden Plate quilt. I just made my first quilt with a scalloped border and looking at your quilt makes me want to try another one.

  5. Beautiful Master Piece. Truly worth your effort on this one. Should win the Grand Prize. I love the way you quilted this one, so complimentary to the blocks. Huge Congratulations Julia!!!!!!

  6. Same & boring?! Ah, no chance Julia!
    Your vintage dresden has turned out absolutely magnificent, you deserve to feel such satisfaction at finishing such an amazing creation. All that quilting!

    I'm sure your roses do smell divine, they look it! x

  7. Your Dresden quilt is beautiful! I love every detail. The star quilt is coming along well too!

  8. I just love your Dresden too! It is one of the most beautiful pieces of quilting I've seen - just perfect!

  9. We put in a beautiful apricot rose bush a couple of years ago, but it did not survive the winter, unfortunately. Some do, some don't. But your blooms are spectacular!

    And so is the quilting on your Dresdens. What a great project that's been! Congratulations on the finish. :D

  10. I think that Vintage Dresdens is one of my favourites. I remember when you were making Spring Harvest too. Beautiful roses.


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