Sunday, October 19

Lone Star Update...quilting...just do it!

Ok, I've procrastinated  long enough.....Just do it, I said to myself..
The only place I have other than the floor to sandwich my quilts is on the kitchen counter top...and that's not so easy with a big quilt,..
I've had to do the Lone Star pinning in four sections, starting from the centre outwards...
It took me four hours to pin this quilt....I used that method I showed some time back. Taping skewers down the centre of the counter, lining up the centre of the star with the may just be able to see the skewer on the plain square, lined up with the star....sorry I can't find that link just now.
...then I started quilting in all the ditches to secure and stabilize the three layers....I then trimmed back the excess and added the binding.... now I know this is not the order in which most quilters would do this, but it works for me. I'm able to remove a lot of the pins, the fraying edges and a lot of the weight of a big quilt like this....I'll now go on and quilt the rest...
Above is the border back quilted...nothing too feathers on this quilt.
Keeping it the saying goes, "Sometimes Less is More"
That's my theory and I'm sticking to it....too scared of messing it up!
You may have seen in the news the terrible weather we had here yesterday...
Hail as big as "Maltesers" as one person put it.....lots of damaged roofs..
Luckily it didn't come this far near me to affect me...
Stay safe....


  1. Wow! That is a HUGE job! Good for you, sometimes you just have to get in there boots and all!

  2. I applaud you, Julia! And I think that border looks really good. Not everything needs a feather! : )

  3. Oh Julia you are doing a fabulous job of that big quilt.
    I actually love the quilting you did in the border. It works really well for this quilt.

  4. Looking good. Like you I used to trim and bind my quilts as soon as possible. Makes it all so much easier.

  5. Great work Julia... and yes my parents home was victim to the hail storm yesterday... nothing badly damaged but lots of mess...glad it didn't hit near either of us, Julia! x

  6. Fantastic work Julia! Yikes I hadn't realised you would still need to pin the quilt with your sweet 16. I think any quilting will be fine on this beauty.

  7. Hello Julia,

    Congratulations on biting the bullet. No matter how you do it it will be perfect. Amazing hail photo's around the place. Our daughter in the Goldfields sent us a video of what was happening outside her door.
    Have a great week of quilting.

    Happy days.

  8. It is looking very, very nice Julia. Taking slow steps and keeping it simple seems to be working. It is a very big job that you have taken on and you still have plenty of time don't you?


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