Friday, October 31

Hidden Stars update...and more..

Just a little catch up...
My Hidden Stars so far....I'm nearly running out of background fabric, so must decide whether to stop with the blocks now and just add a couple of borders to this.... Hoping it would be big enough for a decent size lap quilt. I'll know better when the blocks are sewn together... 

Just to make this into a more interesting post.....this is my all time favourite cushion..
These cute little blocks started off to be a quilt but, family and other commitments took over and I thought better to make what blocks I had into a cushion than put them away in a cupboard and forgotten about...It's called Calico Garden quilt and can be bought from here.....
I will make that quilt one day.....♥
.....and this...
On a little bus trip I took on Tuesday, we stopped by this place called Gnomesville.....To each his own, but I don't really like you?
Sorry but they are not my thing.......Ok some are cute....
We were told there are 7,000 Gnomes at last count.
 Gnomesville is a collection  of garden Gnomes left by visitors in a wooded area at the intersection of two busy roads.
The collection started as a protest over the construction of a road traffic circle at the intersection. Gnomes were left by anonymous protestors and over 20 years the collection has much so it had to be moved to the side wooded area away from the middle of the road.  Visitors from all over the world as well as local school groups and organizations now add to the collection every year.
 Friday here again...have a wonderful weekend.
Stay safe...


  1. Gnomes are OK, but that many in one place is just a bit creepy! LOL

  2. Your lap quilt is very nice! I've always loved the combo of purple and green.
    That is a sweet cushion. Good call to make something pretty from the blocks you had made.
    I have kind of been neutral concerning gnomes, but I have to tell you, I think this is pretty fun. I would love to see the masses of gnomes in the woods. Makes me think of the Disney movie "The Gnomemobile".

  3. Gnome overload! how many would there be there? You hidden stars is lovely. Will you hand quilt this one?

  4. Your Hidden Stars is growing beautifully. I remember the Calico Garden quilt and it does look very pretty as a cushion. Gnomesville looks interesting, I have never heard of it before. Who would have thought that the idea would grow like that.

  5. Beautiful quilt--hope all works out with the background fabric

    Not a Gnome person--I find them kinda creepy

  6. That is the best use of gnomes that I have ever heard of but I also love this photo!

  7. Lovely progress on the quilt Julia, great colours too...
    As for the Gnomes, I'd love to see them sometime, just for the sake of seeing something so quirky... but yes they're somewhat creepy too


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