Sunday, September 21

Lone Star....quick catch-up....

I have been busy with something else these last two weeks......but this is where I'm at with my Grandson's Lone Star wedding quilt right now..
This is not one I can just pick up and work on for 15 minutes here and then.....this takes a lot of concentration.
Hopefully it will look like what I drew up on my EQ7 some weeks back...
So as soon as I finish up on my other project, I will be back working on this....can't wait to see the centre Lone Star together and work on the outside border blocks.....still not sure what I'll do there...
Hope your having a great Sunday...
After a glorious record breaking 34 degrees Celsius's forecast to be stormy today..
Take care....♥


  1. looking good. I have just come from seeing my granddaughter down country, 0degrees this morning!

  2. I'm impressed with your progress. I understand what you mean about not being able to work on it 15 minutes here and there. It would take longer than that just to figure out where you are with it and what needs to happen next.
    Gonna be beautiful!!

  3. Hi Julia- oh wow this is coming along beautifully - I can definitely see how it's a project that requires mental commitment!
    Yes as for the weather, it sure was an out-of-pattern day yesterday, exactly the sort of day that precedes something like today...
    hasn't stopped raining here since 7am!
    Take care & I promise to come good on my 'see you soon' sentiment!

  4. Lovely to see you in Blogland again Julia! Your star is looking great. Hope all is well - love Lurline xx

  5. It looks great Julia, the colours are ideal... hope you get some good concentrating time to work on it some more.

  6. Slowly but surely getting there! Hope the weather man was wrong!

  7. Your star is growing beautifully. High temperatures already? Does that mean a long hot summer?

  8. Hi Julia, This is a gorgeous wedding quilt for your grandson. I hope you will not have storms today. Take care.

  9. Julia your GS quilt is coming along beautifully. I can see why it is a quilt that needs a lot of concentration..


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