Wednesday, September 3

Lone Star...a little sneak peek..

So far so good...
Second guessing the background fabric, thinking it may be a bit too light /pale...but then again it  may just be perfect to let the star pop and shine...
Ok, have to admit, this is also a tricky one to piece. I must remember to cut the diamonds in pairs, left and right angle diamonds.....but it's so much fun and sure keeps the brain working.
Take care....enjoy your day...


  1. I think you are right that background will really make your star Pop.

  2. If you think this is fun, more power to you! It is the set-in seams that always stop me from trying this pattern. Your work looks beautiful!
    I think your background will really make the star shine (pun intended).
    Have you thought about what you will quilt in that open background space? : )

  3. My problem with Lone Stars is getting the center flat. Your placement of the colors is working well.

  4. Looking good, thanks for the update.

  5. I really love the Lone Star pattern; haven't tried it though...
    But I love your colours; and I also think the background will let your star shine!
    Love from the Netherlands, Ria.

  6. Set-in seams are near the bottom of my list of favorite quilt-related events, just a couple steps above an accident with a rotary blade and poking my finger with a needle.
    I'm glad you're enjoying the challenge, Julia. It's moving along very well!

  7. This looks so difficult Julia. Looking great

  8. I have a giveaway with not too many entries. fabric! if you are interested :)


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