Tuesday, August 12

Star of Inspiration...update.

Not a lot to post about...this is all I've done on the star quilt these last few days..
I finished making the log cabin diamonds and then joined them together....
All I can say is that this is not the easiest of designs to piece....the 1/4 inch seams have to be exactly perfect....just one fabric thread off the 1/4 inch seam in each seam, can throw the whole lot off...
I'm having second thoughts about making it a big quilt....I think perhaps a centre table topper....♥
This is what I take to my local patchwork sewing group work on  ...
 Nice and easy...gives me time to relax, chat and catch up with quilting friends...
Enjoy your day....
Until next time.....♥


  1. It's a lovely piece. Can you draft a foundation drawing and paper piece it? Good luck to you whatever you decide to do.

  2. It is a very intricate design. A table topper would be nice.

    So happy that you get to visit with your friends while quilting.

    Love you.

  3. That is a beautiful design so far. I can understand if you have had such frustration with it that you wouldn't want to make it bigger. But aren't you proud of what you have made? : )

  4. Such a pretty log cabin star!
    Oh I do like to see people doing EPP, I love to work on my Dresdens when I can.

  5. Your log cabin star is beautiful. Could you turn under the edges and applique it to a background? That way you could add borders to turn it into a larger quilt. Love your EPP stars!

  6. Your Star is awesome.. Will look great as a topper.
    Nice PP too.

  7. Love the big star, but feel your pain with the need to be perfect! I think a table topper would be amazing! Love the little EPP stars very cute, especially fussy cut.

  8. Fabulous design.Looks very tricky!!

  9. Your blue and white Log Cabin Star quilt so gorgeous!
    Please share the name of the book where you found the pattern. I am a blue and white collector who loves log cabin quilts!!

  10. I believe you that your piecing has to be perfect on this design! It looks fraught with danger, lol. But, so worth it, especially in your elegant blue palette!


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