Monday, August 18

Star of Inspiration....catch up...

At last the Star of Inspiration is getting quilted...
After a lot of  fussing, unpicking and fudging here and there plus a few choice went from this hexagon....
to this table topper centre piece....if you go back a couple of posts you will see the pattern also has a Dresden plate in the centre of the star, but I've decided to leave it off...
Way too many seams and thickness to quilt through....I quite like the Sun Burst effect it has this way!
I've stitched in the ditch in a lot of the log cabin seams to secure it ..and then went on to Sweet Susie to quilt the border.
I had so much trouble with SS's tension, she was not happy. I guess that's payback for neglecting her for so long.
Thread kept breaking ...I was not happy. I did manage to get a row of feathers around the  border, I just need to fill in the four corners now...
I really struggle trying to feather around corners, yes lots more practice is what I need to do.
I hope you had a lovely weekend.....a bit stormy here today after a beautiful warm spring like weekend..
Take care......♥


  1. Oh sometimes the 'few choice' words help us through! Looking great.

  2. It's beautiful. And I've just remembered that i have a fat quarter bundle of that fabric. Where do you suppose it is?

  3. It looks beautiful on the blue background! Well done!

  4. I have a few choice words for you - "Just Amazing". They describe your quilt! xCathy

  5. It's beautiful--I think I know some of those choice words, I'm pretty sure I have said some of them from time to time

  6. A lovely table topper Julia. I don't envy your task of having to work with all those seams.

  7. You have to be proud of yourself for not giving up. Those are sometimes my most satisfying projects--the ones that made me say nasty words. And when we persevere, then we smile with honest satisfaction. Your challenges are always so much more complex and elegant than mine. This topper turned out to be a lovely finish, Julia, and I'm so glad that Sweet Susie got to do her part (though she wasn't always that cooperative). I'm afraid my Nellie has been neglected way too long, but I'm about ready to put her through her paces, and her tension better behave !!

  8. Looks so, so wonderful.
    Greetings Grit

  9. Well done Julia. Your table topper looks beautiful. You always win through with your perseverance.


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