Friday, August 8

Something New....Star of Inspiration....

Oh my, how time flies, it's been almost two week since my last post..
I was so tired of hand-quilting the Dresdens, I just had to break out and start something new.. .
A dear patchwork friend lent me a book with this design friend started making it and I must add it's not the easiest of instructions to follow.
To start with, the starting diamond template was the wrong shape, but with a lot of frustration, measuring and unpicking we worked out what was wrong...
These blue fabrics are the left overs from the blue and white DWR quilt......
I also had trouble...just piecing these has to start on a certain side and with a certain colour to get this effect.....yes a bit of reverse piecing was in hand here too. Took me all day just to get this far..
This is the quilt..... beautiful design. I really wanted to make it from my stash, so there will be no yellow in my quilt......♥
I love this picture....being a retired seamstress and just because I love the fashions of that time, I had to share this ....very chic don't you think!...
The saying is lovely too....
Have a lovely weekend......stay safe....♥


  1. Your star is beautiful! My favorite color, too. :)

  2. your star is looking wonderful, so sorry you have had such problems with the pattern.
    It was worth the effort you put into it…

  3. Wow, what a fantastic block, log cabin diamonds, I never knew such a thing existed! All the unpicking was certainly worth do enjoy a challenge don't you! I love the quote so much I pinned it, definitely true : )

  4. It's going to be beautiful! The colors are perfect for the design.

  5. Beautiful new project! LOVE the saying & how true!

  6. That is going to be a stunning quilt. Too bad the pattern is giving you such trouble. You certainly aren't tackling something simple to give yourself a break from quilting the Dresdens. : )
    Love the closing photo and saying--so true (and I love those fashions, too).

  7. Julia, the star pattern is absolutely beautiful but how frustrating having to do all of that working out to get it to work. I probably would have thrown it in the corner in frustration.

  8. so pretty, DWR fabric huh, isn't it amazing all the different looks you can get from the same's going to be a beautiful quilt.....

  9. Looking beautiful, Julia! xx

  10. Sounds difficult but it's going to be an heirloom when you are finished!! Gorgeous!

  11. Oh my, Julia! Only you could manage to piece together such a fine piece!

    I love the pic too - and the ladies look gorgeous in their fashions of the day! ♥


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