Tuesday, July 15

I'm back!.....I've been on an 8 day Quilt Tour...

Only arrived home late last night, but I could not wait to share some photos ...
Does this bridge look familiar .......
From the moment  we arrived we set off sight seeing Sydney,
Yes, 8 gorgeous days with a group of 34 ladies on tour.....can you imagine the fun that was. I haven't laughed so much since I don't know when.
Our tour guide / organizer Samantha was amazing.....everything was just so perfect, accommodation, meals, day tours, everything,  could not have been better organized.....I will have group photos in another post.
I would also like to give a special mention to Patchwork on Homespun....a great quilt shop, friendly staff and beautiful fabrics, for making this trip possible...
....but this is what we were so keen to go to....
Here I am meeting up with Chooky Blue, Cardygirl sitting, Sue-Anne on the right and another blogger... I'm so embarrassed that I can't remember  her name....I'm sure one of the other girls will leave me a comment and refresh my memory...

EDIT.....The lovely other blogger is Fat Quarter Bird...
Such fun to meet up with the girls, all so friendly, just as they are on their blogs and as I imagined they would be...♥
We have been on the go so much.....it's been just wonderful.
While taking a lunch break and a few moments to rest our legs, we met this lovely blogger, Di Jobbins.
Di made that skirt out of selvedges, beautifully sewn and colour matched together like a rainbow...how lovely is that. 
Just a few quilts on display that I loved...mostly in reproductions... beautifully pieced and quilted...
Janet Treen's amazing  Coxcombs and Currants Best of Show...also won first prize in the Traditional Professional category,  Retaining the Tradition prize, and  Best Hand Quilting Award.
I felt so honoured to actually see this beautiful quilt.....Congratulations Janet!
I'm sorry I didn't get the quilters names...
...gorgeous browns with some lights scattered around for contrast...
Very beautiful hexagon quilt.....a Blue Ribbon on this lovely Hexagon quilt
This beautiful Auntie Green's quilt done in different unusual colors...
.....and one could not just walk pass this lovely William Morris design quilt without a closer look.
I will share what I bought and some photos of  interesting places we visited in my next post...
Still unpacking, and need to go food shopping....we were very spoilt having everything organized and planned for us.....♥


  1. Oh Julia, such beautiful quilts! So funny, I thought it was only me who forgot people names! I am sure your 'mystery' friend will re veil herself!

  2. hopefully tomorrow I will get my pics organised.....was so lovely to meet you and your friend.......your just as nice as I imagined.....Fat Quarter Bird you can find her here

    glad you had a great trip.......laughing fixes everything.........

  3. You look wonderful in the picture, you are beaming!!!!! I'm so glad you're home, I missed you so much.

    Looks like a wonderful time, I'm so happy it was a great trip for you.

    I'm sure you came back so inspired. what a treat to see all those wonderful quilts....

  4. Thanks for sharing such beautiful quilts. Sounds like a wonderful adventure!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous trip Julia. Those quilts are amazing. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. Cheers, Tracy

  6. Welcome home friend!
    Sew pleased you had a fabulous time and met some love ladies. Look forward reading and seeing more.

  7. What a wonderful few days! It must have felt so good to do all that laughing. Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilts.

  8. It was a most delightful surprise to meet you too! Fat quarter bird is sharing our pic! Glad you had a good time and that you are safely home!

  9. That trip sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you had the opportunity to go.
    Laughter is good for the soul--and so are friends.
    I love the quilts you shared. Looks like traditional quilts are still being beautifully made in your neck of the woods! : )

  10. What a fun trip. I bet the time went way too quickly. I did see you in a photo on someone else's blog, from the Sydney quilt show, but thought that my eyes were deceiving me. Now I realise that it was you!

  11. I knew you would have a totally fab time Julia... lots of great things seen & done... can't wait to see your purchases... x

  12. The beaming faces in your photo show how much fun you all were having. These quilts you showed all appear to be lovely and very special. I've seen Janet's winning quilt discussed here and there. I'm sure it was exciting to see it in person. Great quilts from top to bottom of your post. Thanks for sharing them, Julia.


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