Thursday, July 3

Amazing Tea Cosies heavy.....and friends quilts...

I just had to share these amazing tea cosies.... made by a dear lady who donates all the money raised to Alzheimer's research......I'm so sorry but I didn't get her name.....shame on me!
This one had sold on the label.....Mr Wise Old Owl...
The blue cosy is a fish....You may be able to double click and see them better.
....I don't know how she comes up with the designs.....she said they just happen!
Here's a Strawberry patch and  Birthday cakes complete with chocolates and candles...
My DGD would love this cat one,....
Aren't they amazing.....!!....♥
Two quilt flimsies made by my local quilt group friends,,,
Glenys's quilt for a DD...
Marie's donation quilt....
I'll leave you with this saying....which is so true, my dear quilting friends and I are doing just that....


  1. WOW!! Some amazing tea cosies there. How thoughtful of the lady to donate the money to a great cause..
    Beautiful quilts made by your dear friends.

    Love that saying my friend.

  2. Oh wow those tea cosies are totally amazing Julia, so clever... & those quilts are really lovely - clever friends indeed!

  3. I can't believe she just comes up with those tea cosy designs out of thin air. Even if you could see it in your minds eye--how do you make it come to life?
    Sweet quotation. : )

  4. Hello Julia,

    What a lovely collection of cosies. They certainly would be a talking point while having a cup of tea.

    Happy days.

  5. Well they would certainly brighten up a dull moment and make for a cheerful cup of tea. Lovely projects from your friends.

  6. I'm envious of this lady's skill with yarn and crochet hook. They're utterly wonderful, whimsical tea cosies.
    Your friends have created very pretty donation flimsies, and I like that saying. It describes our closest quilting friends perfectly.


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