Tuesday, June 10

This and That.....Dresdens and other stuff...

Not a lot of productivity going on here.....just working on hand-quilting my Vintage Dresden mainly...
Progressing very slowly......but, I have.....
...turned another corner on the borders...I'm doing 1/2 inch grid cross-hatching ...
....all the border Dresdens are quilted, but I still have most of the big Dresdens still to quilt....♥

I made myself a bit better design wall.....I do intend to make it bigger, but this will do for now....
I just put up a pair of those easy to remove stick on hooks....spaced out enough to take the piece of dowel that I had....pinned to that a piece of batting....does the job!....♥

A dear patchwork friend gave me this quilt pattern to consider for the second wedding quilt or just for me to make, ....hmm!
Done in jewel colours, this could work. I've been searching and searching for a design that speaks to me, that I've almost given up looking and will end up doing another DWR.....♥

.....and this is on my to-do-list....if I'm not already insane , this might just tip me over the line....smile!
Tiny 1/4 inch hexagons....I've seen this made up and it's absolutely beautiful.
I think I would have to change it a little to make it my own....perhaps a medallion centre, what do you think?...
Have a great week...
Take care....♥


  1. Haha! aren't we all in the insane club! Your Dresden quilt is looking fabulous.

  2. You are doing a beautiful job quilting the Dresdens!
    The churn dash/pinwheel blocks are looking very fun!
    No, seriously, are you that insane? Really? Yikes!!

  3. Hi Julia, your Dresden quilt is lovely. Your quilting stunning. That insane quilt?? yep the name does say it all but with a medallion in the centre I can imagine it being so you.

  4. Lovely dresden work Julia.
    I love your colourful Churn Dash squares aswell.

  5. Your dedication to hand quilting is admirable, so I feel confident that you will handle the Insanity quilt just fine! Love your new design wall, churn dashes look good, but lots of pink!

  6. Are you insane???? I've made a few 1/4 inch hexies, but I couldn't make that many! Your Dresden quilt is beautiful, and your choice of quilting is perfect.

  7. Julia my friend, you are so industrious!
    The quilt pattern looks tricky, but I know you are clever enough to make it, if that's what you end up doing.... and as for Insanity, that's what you'll be suffering if you make that hexy quilt... you know I love a hexy or two, but golly that ones ridiculous!!

  8. oh Julia I do like your hand quilting. One day I will learn to do that..
    Nice pattern your friend gave you. I am sure you can make it..
    OH NO Not Insanity????? There are a few Scquilters that are working on that and one has even finished hers....Such a lot of work.

  9. lovely quilting........1/4 hexies...goodluck with that........lol

  10. Your quilting is just beautiful! I have long admired that Insanity pattern of Rhonda's too - would make a lovely centre :)

  11. You may not think your progress is much, but believe me--to someone who doesn't hand quilt, you're making fantastic, beautiful progress.
    Yes, my dear Julia -- if you begin work on a 1/4" hexie project, I would question your state of mind. A medallion center, yes--that would be a good plan. Better you than me. I'm having enough trouble keeping up with 1" hexies. I can't imagine a large project with only 1/4". You're so brave!!!
    I like the gray background of your disappearing pinwheel blocks. I've been stockpiling a little here and a little there, and I think that may be my next project. Thanks for the push. Your bold blocks look fantastic.

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