Friday, June 27

Pinwheels, Rail Fences...and a friends amazing quilt...

Well, Dear Sweet Susie still likes me.....even though I had neglected her for quite a  few months...

..we had a wonderful time together, quilting this Rail Fence quilt..
....meandering loops and leaves all over ...with feathers along the Jacob's ladder border...
...I must say , my feathers are getting better, even without a lot of practice. I just have trouble turning I finish each side with a curly bit at the end and start again on the next side...
Just need to sew back the binding and she's done!
Isn't this quilt so pretty .....
I have so many quilts I think I'll have to think about selling a few....but how does one price a quilt?
Quilt measures 52"  x 42"....
Disappearing Pinwheels is sashed....I had some black with white dots fabric, which was perfect to go with the white with black dot background fabric. So I used the two together for the sashing and corner stones.....just need to add a border now. 
Can't wait to play with SS again and get this one quilted too...
On a roll!!
Last but not least is this gorgeous quilt...
My Dear patchwork friend Laura brought  this into P/work this week.
How gorgeous are those fussy cut Tulip much more vibrant and stunning to see for real...
Have a wonderful weekend.....Take care...


  1. Three beautiful quilts. Love the border on the first on.

  2. Pricing for quilts is hard. You want a reasonable amount of $$ to recompense for the time it took to make. But then people usually won't want to pay a lot (unless they quilt themselves) as they don't see the hours that's gone into it. I'm sure I have read somewhere how to price them. Perhaps this formula - cost of fabric x 3 plus hours spent making x 15 plus 4 (or 5 or 6 depending on complexity) x size of quilt in square feet for the quilting.

    I really like your rail Fence quilt...

  3. Beautiful quilts.
    A dear friend of mine use to make commissioned quilts, her formula was, the price of ALL products use, eg: fabric, thread, batting, backing etc then times it by three. It seemed to work for her.

  4. A lovely set of projects. How good to be on a roll! I've fallen in love with the cute disappearing pinwheels, too. The fussy cut tulips are wonderful.

  5. Isn't it great to get back to quilting? I just revved up Gidget yesterday for the first time in a long time. Had a little play time today, too, but very little.
    Great job on the feathers. I loved seeing them start to fall into place. Such a good feeling.
    The disappearing pinwheels look really good. Seems to have come together quite well! : )

  6. You id have lots fun quilting on Sweet Susie...
    Your Fence and Rail looks great and cant wait to see the Disappearing Pinwheels finished too.
    the Tulips are sew pretty.

  7. Love that tulip quilt. I have some tulip fabric that I could try!

  8. Gorgeous quilting Julia! Your SS is a well-mannered girl, behaving herself for you!
    Laura's quilt is a stunner, amazing cutting & colours - well done to her

  9. looks great! I know you are so pleased with the quilts. thanks so much for the pictures. I love your work

  10. All three quilts are wonderful. I especially like the border on your rail fence quilt. As for feathers I find even just thinking about sewing them improves the quilting! I guess it is all part of embedding the design in your brain so you don't have to think about it when you start to is just automatic!

  11. Love your quilting, such a nice finish. The churn dash is looking good also. I think pricing quilts to sell is tricky, such a big difference between an amount that at least covers your costs and what the guild will value it at for insurance purposes. I guess if you get the guild to value the quilt you will at least have a starting point and something the owners can appreciate that they got a bargain!

  12. Julia I always love to see what your working on.....

  13. The diamond border is perfect on your rail fence quilt! That will be a nice finish.

    Yes, I love those tulips too! Some great fabric choices there. :)

  14. Beautiful quilts Julia and congratulations on the finish.

  15. Love the border on the Rail Fence quilt. Beautiful.

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