Wednesday, May 21

New sewing room..

I fell in love with these disappearing pinwheels blocks........Missouri Quilt Co. is where I first saw them, but then I found where this blogger Hellen worked out the maths to make them in different good was that !... yesterday I had a little play.
I love pinwheels and I also love churn dash blocks, so how perfect is this block incorporating the two together.....
....oops...can you see how I have the pinwheel turned the wrong way here, but it's so pretty I think I'll just leave it....adds charm, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!....
I only have a spare bedroom for my sewing room, and Sweet Susie was taking up too much room, so I've moved her to the study. Then moved my Pfaff back under the window, she's  comfortably sitting on an old door that's resting on two little chest of drawers...
SS looks so lonely here, the table can lift back up when I need to FMQ....which I'm hoping to play a little soon.
On Monday I attended a SS workshop, it was so good.
 I learned so much about the tension problems I had been having. Seems The rule about the tension has now been revised and the tension needs to be looser and flow more freely through the bobbin case....I tried it and it made all the difference..yay!
While there I also bought this conversion kit, it's to be able to change feet much easier from open toe to closed toe for ruler work, they just screw onto the new shaft that comes in the kit.....there's also a new couching foot, for of course couching, not something I'm really interested in right now.....but who knows, maybe later! 
Halfway through this week already...and all I've done is the three blocks above.
Enjoy the rest of your week....♥


  1. Do you find you want to change from open toe to closed toe often? I've never changed mine. But then, I haven't used Sweetie all that much so far.

  2. Julia your sewing space looks wonderful... and those blocks are so pretty, well done... what will you do with them?

  3. Your sewing space looks a productive place to be working, or rather playing. It's not work when we're having fun, which you obviously are. Love the blocks, and I'm hoping to make some one of these days.
    I want to use a ruler some day with my Nellie, my Sweet 16--but I have to watch a video or get training first. I don't get it. Don't we need 3 hands? (only partly joking)

  4. I love those churn dash/pinwheel blocks and am doing my best to not make any. I need to get back to my UFOs!! Your blocks are very pretty!
    I just dropped off my Gidget today for a new light ring (seems I have a faulty one) and I asked them to install the conversion kit while they were at it. I've been using the rulers, but I'm told this will make it easier.

  5. Looking great! The blocks are so cute, no one will notice the switch on your blocks. Ah a sewing room that's gonna work. So glad you went to the SS class.

  6. Pretty little blocks! I agree that you should leave the pink block as is! I adds charm!

  7. I am glad to read that the "experts" acknowledge that the tension needs to be looser now. The first thing I do when I get my machine back from service is loosen the bobbin.

    Maybe we're the experts after all...


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