Friday, May 16

Broken Dishes Topper flimsy..and more teddies...

Another flimsy ready for quilting...
This is what I was working on before I started on the nice to have another flimsy done, and not left to be another  UFO...
....I had intentions of making this into a bigger lap quilt....but, I thought this for me would get more use, therefore was a better option. This will look great on my old antique treadle, or my table.
Now Sweet Susie and I can have another's been a lot time, SS must think I've forgotten her.....♥

Two more teddies named...DGD asked me to name them so she could talk to them by name....good thing I still have the original patterns, because there's no way I could have remembered their names.
Please meet Soo-Lin and Cheeky Buddy..
Polar bear Soo-Lin is just gorgeous....look at her beautifully formed paws....
,,,and here's little Tiny Tim...the smallest of my bears....
Have a wonderful weekend....enjoy whatever you have planned to do.....♥


  1. Tiny Tim is my fav! So cute. Nice quilt, I bet it's a nice break from the DWR too!Happy weekend to you.

  2. your quilts are beautiful but I am blown away by your teddies.

  3. I love your beautiful coloured Broken Dishes Top. It would look real great on your table or treadle!
    And your bears are so lovely! I also love bears.
    Byebye to Soo-Lin and Cheeky Buddy and ofcourse to sweet Tiny Tim!!
    Love, Ria.
    p.s. a lot of "love" in this comment..... ;)

  4. Your Quilt is Lovely Hope you are Keeping Well

  5. Lovely quilt. I love bears, these are also so cute.

  6. Cute flimsy and bears! Hope you have a great weekend quilting :)

  7. great topper Julia, now are you making those bears? Totally awesome!

  8. I love to rescue Build-a-Bears from the Goodwill and knit them a sweater! Your quilts are really lovely!!

  9. Your flimsy looks great, Julia. There is a wonderful mix of colours in there! Are they 12" blocks?

    Enjoy your weekend too!

  10. Love your new flimsy--it speaks to my heart. So scrappy and traditional, just the way I love them! : )
    Cute, cute bears--especially that tiny one. And that is quite the paw detail on Soo-Lin!
    How fun that DGD wants to be able to call them by name.

  11. Have fun Quilting your pretty table topper Julia...
    Love your bears.. How sweet is that Tiny Tim...

  12. It's nice to see that you have another flimsy ready for quilting. I'd forgotten you'd been working on this one. Great colors tossed together in these classic blocks.
    Thanks for the introductions of all your bears, one by one or two by two. You must have had many hours involved with bear building to have so many completed ones. I'm enjoying seeing the variety, of both the bears and their names.

  13. Julia this top is amazing, your sewing is so neat, but then I should hope mine would be too if I had as many years of experience!... this one is gorgeous, & like the other Comments here I love the teds too!

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