Thursday, April 17

Progressing teddies...

Progressing slowly....nearly three rows done now....
I've had to rearrange the spare bedroom that's right near the sewing room , just so I could spread the quilt out as it grows.
When it's finished I will count the pieces, just out of curiosity and also add to the label...
I'm in the process of writing the teddies names on them, I have many......DGD asked me too, so that when she talks to them she will know their names....I think she already knows but, .(just between you and I, she will inherit them one day)......
Above is Splatt and Jemma, Jemma has cute...
....and here is Sarah and Thomas. I made them all during my Teddy bear making days, all made in beautiful soft German Mohair..
I'm off outside to get some fresh air....I've been in the sewing room all day...
Have a wonderful weekend, stay safe.......Happy Easter....


  1. Oh my, what progress! You don't muck about do you?
    Lovely teddiesxxxx

  2. Lovely progress on your beautiful projects!

  3. The DWR is coming along nicely! I didn't know you made bears too! They are very cute.

  4. I have never made a bear. Did you use joints for the arms and legs? I wouldn't even begin to know how to do that. I like the gray one a lot just because it is different.

  5. My best wishes to you for a happy and peaceful Easter with your family, Julia..the first one without your Soul Mate can be a bit tough. Ken found it very hard last year without his Mum as she always had a family dinner on Easter Sundays.

  6. You are making amazing progress on the DWR quilt! You will be such a pro by the time you finish this one, #2 will go even smoother! (Maybe I'll have to send you mine that has been in the assembly stage for a few years.) : )
    Cute, cute bears!

  7. Your DWR is going to be gorgeous!! And your bears are so cute too :-)

  8. I think that you are making great progress with your DWR. Looking very, very nice.

  9. Wow Julie, That is definitely NOT slow progress! I just love it...wish I lived next door to you :) Thank God I have only the one to do!

  10. In just a blink you have so many parts finished. It's looking good, Julia. How large will it be? Queen bed sized?
    Every teddy needs a name, especially when they're handmade. You chose some sweet names. Love those eyelashes.
    Happy Easter to you as well.

  11. Happy Easter Julia. DWR is coming along nicely. Lovey teddies.x


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