Friday, April 25

A Lovely Anzac Day Story.....

In keeping with Anzac day, I'd like to share this lovely story...
Now I'm not too good at writing a story so please bear with me and know that it is written with great heartfelt respect for the family and their soldier who fought in the second world war....
The story starts way back in the early fifties,...when we first arrived in Australia, my father bought a deceased estate on a large block of land.
Fast forward to when I grew up and married. 50 or so years ago, my father sold us the old house in the photo with a portion of the land he had bought.
Dh set about clearing the back of the block to build us a new home.
 While doing so he found a war ID tag, I remember the day as though it was yesterday. Dh was so excited when he showed it to me....he said one day he would find who owned the ID tag and return it to it's owner / family.
Well years passed, raising a young family, we moved several times, and only just recently while sorting through Dh's shed I came across the ID tag. 
There it was safely kept in the old tobacco tin....I'm sure Dh would have looked at it many times as he carefully moved it from house to house.
Now I have made it my mission to find the family and return it to them.
With many hours on the computer and  Mr.. Google's help I found who the soldier was, the town he was born and when he enlisted.  According to the records he was only 15 when he enlisted into the Army....
Through one of my embroidery friends, who also had lived in the same town, and as it happens worked in that same town with one of the family members I was able to contact them....
I am just waiting now to arrange a meet up with the family and return their family members ID tag... I believe they should have in their keep.
It's just sad that Dh never had the opportunity it do it himself...
Thank you.....♥
P.S.    it's amazing how over the years, there was always that connection through one of my friends and we didn't know it....


  1. What an amazing story! :0)

  2. What a wonderful world we live in today where we have at our finger tip the ability to search and find people. I bet the family was very happy to hear from you. It is such an honor to be able to complete your DH's plan.

  3. Julia, I had goose bumps reading that story! Bless youxxxx

  4. That is a lovely story Julia and I believe your DH knows of your effort and success in returning the ID tag to the family.

  5. You wrote a great story about the Dog Tag and your dear hubby. I hope you get to meet the family and return the tag soon.
    It definately is a small world.

  6. Your story telling does not lack for anything, Julia. It's a wonderful story, and you told it clearly and simply. How special it is that you've been able to make contact with the soldier's family, and the connection with your embroidery friend definitely brings this to the level of goose bumps, as Leeanne wrote above.
    Bless you for taking the time to search and staying focused on the task till you had an answer.
    DH is watching over you with a smile and a nod of approval, I'm sure.

  7. An amazing story, just goes to show you we are all connected. Well done you tracking them down

  8. Beautiful story Julia. It gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. So very young and so very brave. Long may they be remembered. X

  9. Such a touching story. You told it well! I'm sure your DH is very pleased that you have carried out his dream. You actions honor him, as well as the soldier!

  10. What a wonderful story Julia. Your DH would have been so proud of you. We are doing the same thing here as Bill found a medal amongst his Mum's things as he has been cleaning out her home and he is on the hunt for the family. We do know they are in England so it will have to be by post they receive it unfortunately but I know if it was me I would be overwhelmed if someone like you went to all the trouble to find me and return something so precious.

  11. Hello Julia,

    Hope that final meet up happens soon. A very appropriate ANZAC Day post.

    Happy days.

  12. A touching story for today. Lovely that you will fulfil your husband's wishes.

  13. What a Beautiful story and a wonderful person you are. How exciting to find and meet the family of the dog tag...don't forget to take along will need them!

  14. Even though I am in Texas, USA; your delightful entry about the dog tag brings warmth to my heart. Many Military Men decorate our historical and current family tree. We are blessed for having Live Heroes so close to us.

  15. Julia, never say you don't write a good story. That was really wonderful ...and yes I believe too that your DH knows of your great effort to return those precious items to the family concerned.Such a fitting story too for ANZAC day.

  16. Julia my friend - I have been waiting for you to share this story on your blog since you first told me a few months back... you've written it beautifully... I hope the family meeting will happen soon... you know your DH would be so proud of your own efforts to re-unite the tag with the family of the soldier... x

  17. What a fabulous story Julia. I think Reno will know and be thanking you along with the rightful owners. You did a great thing .xx

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