Sunday, March 23

This and That.....more fabric ...

Just a couple more Broken Dishes blocks....
Fitting in a little time here and there to get these pieced. I love getting reacquainted again with my old CW fabrics.....seeing the old favourites makes me smile......♥
I have been shopping again, I was a bit worried I might not have enough of the blue rose fabric for the DWR.
To my surprise yesterday, these from the same line that I already bought the other day, were there calling out to they weren't there before.
Still $8 metre just not the 30% off.....still a good buy.  With the sale and great buys on these fabrics it was just too good to pass up. Normal ticket price was $24.95 metre.
Now I know I will have enough  fabric.
 Funny thing is, there I was trying to use up all those other old rose fabrics and here I am buying more rose fabrics!!
Found this DWR sofa on Pinterest .....
.....doesn't suit my home d├ęcor....but very elegant in the right home.
Have a super Sunday...
We hadn't had any rain since December last's raining here at last!......♥


  1. Wonderful Broken Dishes blocks, Julia!
    What a lucky find of those blue rose fabrics!
    That is quite the fancy sofa--I wouldn't dare sit on it! : )

  2. Glad you found some more fabric. The DWR sofa is lovely!

  3. love your new blocks, they look so crisp and pretty. This is going to be so beautiful!

  4. love your new blocks, they look so crisp and pretty. This is going to be so beautiful!

  5. Nice broken dishes....
    Great bargain price fabrics Julia...
    Not my taste in a lounge chair either..

  6. Your blocks are looking good and I can see why you love those fabrics too - gorgeous! That sofa wouldn't fit in my place either, but I do actually like it and like the idea of covering a sofa in a quilt pattern and of course what a great wedding present for someone! xCathy

  7. Lovely Dresden sofa! thanks for sharing.


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