Saturday, March 29

Still Breaking Dishes....literally!

Not a lot achieved this week, but I guess a few more blocks is better than none at all..
Nine pretty blocks pieced so I have so many CW fabrics, this quilt will have no fabric repeats. 
It's so lovely to pick out old favourites and see them coming to life again.
 Lots of pretty bright CW fabrics mixed in with the muddy browns and reds adds that freshness as though the fabrics are all new again.

....and just to keep in the theme, this plate came apart while washing up.
May be time to go shopping for new dinner set...
Very overcast outside....good day to stay in and sew..
Have a great weekend...until next time, take care.....♥


  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!
    Oh, that is far too coincidental, Julia. Made me laugh, but maybe from your perspective it isn't funny at all. : )

  2. A beautiful pattern! And I love your colours!
    LOL, a real "broken dish".......!!
    Love, Ria.

  3. Some weeks are more productive than others but you are still moving in the right direction with very attractive results. Love the chance to buy nice china every day of the year.

  4. Looking lovely Julia. Shame about the broken plate but the shopping sounds good.

  5. The fabrics are beautiful, Julia.

    Have fun looking for new dishes.

  6. Looks great. How hard you must have washed the plate to come apart!

  7. Your broken dish looks like such a pretty pattern. I hope it had a good life and wasn't unique or beloved or rare.
    When you first called your quilt block Broken Dishes, I wasn't aware of its name. I'd seen that block, but I thought Broken Dishes was just the block made with four HST. Now I see there are 5 or 6 different blocks with that name. I love learning new things from my blogging friends.
    I like your mixture of fabrics in your growing quilt. What's the finished size of the blocks?


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