Sunday, March 2

New Project....those fabrics again.!

Now this is a great scrappy quilt..
Laura ( no blog ), from my local patchwork group, loves and is very good at  making quilts from next to nothing.....and this quilt is no exception.
I think Laura loves the challenge to see what she comes up with.....she said some of these fabrics go back 20 years or more. All from her stash, I think she only bought some border fabric or backing from what I can remember..
It's beautiful Laura, great use of your scraps and stash, .....♥
Taking inspiration from Laura's quilt I started one of my own....
Do these fabrics look familiar?......yes it's those rose fabrics again, there's just no end to these fabrics.
This should make another good use and clear out some of the pile....

I had some strips left over from Ring-a-Ring-a I stayed with that size strip and cut up some more to go with them.
Great easy, no thinking piecing....
Nothing on TV last night so I cut and machine pieced in my sewing room, where I can walk away without having to clean up the mess... 
Got a lot more than this done....this quilt will grow very quickly!
.....and what's the bet there will still be fabric left over....some of this fabric I would have had for at least 10 + years.
Officially it's Autumn, but the weather here still thinks it's summer.....another hot day today!.
Have a great Sunday......♥


  1. That is a fun scrap quilt. Yours will be more soft in its look, with your floral fabrics that just keep on giving! Can't wait to see it take shape. It will be a pretty rail fence. : )

  2. Great scrap quilt. like the soft fabrics you are using.
    can't wait to see it finished.

  3. The roses will look pretty set on point like that. Wish you could send some warmth....we are breaking records for cold ever day, week and month!

  4. Julia, this is going to look great. You do have a lot of Rose fabrics.....happy quilting

  5. Love your scrappy quilt. I bet it gives a good nap!

  6. It's good to see that you have good supplies of fabric. Never know when you might need some more of "that" piece. And you will know exactly where it is, under the mountain of others.

  7. Wow such gorgeous scrap quilts - there is nothing 'scrappy' about them!!
    I have been thinking of getting out some of my older leftover bits & bobs and making something of them... my version of a leaders/enders x

  8. That will be a pretty Scrappy Julia...


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