Saturday, February 8

RAOK.....what a lovely surprise!

Look what I found in my mail box yesterday...
What a lovely surprise it was to come home and receive this lovely parcel ......all the way from the states!
Dear Terry of Terry's Treasures Blog sent this's so kind and thoughtful of Terry to send this beautiful Table Topper.
Doesn't the topper look lovely on my side table by my chair...
That cup didn't stay empty for long, time for a little break to enjoy a nice cup of tea, a place to just sit and reminisce.... think about everything and nothing in particular...
Thank you so much Terry.
It did more than brightened my day... it made my day.
Isn't this just the perfect spot for the my colours too!...
Take care...and stay safe.....♥


  1. Hello Julia,

    That is lovely of Terry to surprise you. Enjoy the cooler weekend.

    Happy days.

  2. A thoughtful and beautifully made gift.

  3. Beautiful - what is ROAK? I feel I should know it...

  4. You're very welcome Julia...I'm so happy you like it! It looks like it was made for that spot! :0)

  5. It's lovely. How very kind of Terry. Love your little mini quilts on the mini rack.

  6. Terry is a sweetheart, isn't she?
    What a wonderful gift, and you have the perfect spot for it! : )

  7. What a wonderful treat! It looks perfect, what a sweet bloggy friend.
    The cup & saucer looks just like my Crinoline lady one!

  8. Looks perfect in its new home Julia and the kindness in this blogging world never ceases to amaze me. X

  9. What a thoughtful and kind gift from Terry. It looks just right at your place, enjoy.

  10. What a kind act from Terry. I love the whole random acts of kindness philosophy as I think it warms and delights both the giver and receiver.

  11. How very thoughtful of Terry, she has a big heart.
    And yes it does look 'just right' on your table Julia...


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