Thursday, January 30

Dollies getting ready to dance....

Dollies take your places ...123...

...well nearly ready to dance. Some heads are on....
....and these arms are just placed with dots of glue, ready to be sewn down....

These dollies are smaller than I've done on other dancing dolly the arms were a little tricky to get just the right size so they can hold hands.
A few more days and they will be dancing Ring-a-ring-a roses....

Have a super weekend...stay safe....♥ 


  1. Love your Dollies. I am in Perth for weekend. Going to Pinjarra on Sat for a Scquilters meet.
    You have a great weekend to my friend.

  2. So sweet, Julia! That looks like a lot of work to give each dollie a head and arms, but what a magical effect! Like something out of Fantasia!!

  3. Cute little dancing dollies. Have a good weekend Julia. Our vacation on the Gulf of Mexico is over and we head back to the snow and cold on Saturday.

  4. Oh my goodness, NOW I get it! I'm late to the party, but it sure looks fun. :)

  5. These are looking so lovely...looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  6. Very sweet! I love this, Julia!

  7. Lovely, just lovely.
    Miss Julia, the dance director -- has everything under control, and the dance is soon to begin.

  8. I am so looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!!

  9. Do you have a pattern for the dancing dollies or do you just free hand them to fit the space? Do you applique them by hand or machine? I love them.


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