Friday, December 27

This and That...

Just could not help myself....before the year runs out, while it's still 2013 I went shopping....not that I'm making any resolutions...
I fell in love with a gorgeous whimsy Christmas quilt at the Bloggers gathering a few weeks ago...
Maria, had made Welcome to the North Pole.. it was such a fun happy quilt, so different from the traditional Christmas quilts.... lots of fun buttons and embellishing. Just by chance I found a used pattern book on Ebay for just a few I bought it!
I also bought this sweet old world whimsy fabric..hard to describe the design, but it looks like  fairytale, sleighs and castles, a bit old world Russian looking. On sale for just $4 a good was that!
Do you have fabric that no matter how many quilts you make from it just never seems to run out..
I think I've made at least five including the diamond Doona / Duvet cover, and a big Round the World bed quilt that I love and use on my bed for extra warmth, 2 wall hangings, and you might remember a dancing nine patch quilt I gifted to my neighbour...Phew!!
Here I go again trying to use up the fabrics on another Dancing nine patch quilt with a twist....
Just 4 days to New Year 2014...... new year resolutions for me, I know I would not stick to them, so I'll still eat chocolates and most likely buy the odd bit of fabric....a girls got to have some fun!


  1. I agree, who wants to give up my only two vices, chocolate and fabric, besides we wouldn't want the small business owners to close their doors aka the patchwork shops....think Mr Cadbury might manage to survive without us!

  2. I have this pattern and it is definitely on my bucket list. You will have a lot of fun with it.
    Good luck with all your scraps - I'm sure they will eventually disappear...

  3. Have fun Julia with The North Pole wall hanging... I did..
    Hmm our fabric stash just never seems to go... LOL

  4. That looks like a very fun Christmas quilt.
    When I saw that fabric it immediately made me think of something Russian. I have a collection of Russian nesting dolls and it made me think of the painting on many of them.
    I think my box of Kansas Troubles fabrics miraculously refills itself when I am not looking no matter how many quilts I make from it. : )

  5. Love your pattern choice for next year's Christmas quilt.

  6. I don't make resolutions anymore, and I agree with you that a girl has got to have fun! I really like the fairy-tale fabric, and look forward to seeing what you do with it, Julie!


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