Friday, December 13

Pinning and quilting....

 What does one do while waiting for trades person to they ever arrive on!
So I thought I would do some quilt basting / pinning...
 First off, I pinned my charm Harlequin flimsy....done.
Ready by SS to start quilting or maybe I'll try big stitch quilting....
My Hexie mug mats pinned ready to quilt.....
....and finally also had time to FMQ the sashing on the Charm Nine Patch......I ended up stippling the outside border and quilted trailing vine leaves up and across the sashing....
Did the trades person turn, "sorry he rang to say, he had an urgent job to attend to, will be there tomorrow"...arghhh!
Oh well, at least I did manage to be productive and get quite a bit is another day! 
Have a great weekend...stay safe, cool or warm where ever you are.....♥


  1. The tradie should take advice from you, you know how to get things done.
    The quilting is looking great but you won't need extra warmth for the approaching heat wave. Stay cool.

  2. Very frustrating, but at least the tradesperson eventually called. My recent experiences have been "no shows" with no calls. Hope things really do happen tomorrow. : )
    It was a very productive day for you. Way to go!

  3. Hello Julia,

    Loving those hexie mug rugs. Good luck with the quilt projects. I think a tradesman has a little black book with "sayings". Currently one of ours is saying "next week" I am sure he really means in a few weeks.

    Stay cool!

  4. Beautiful work, your hexie mug rugs are brilliant

  5. Guess we can all relate to those tradesmen all over the world. I have a way of dealing with them; I tell them if they don't turn up when they are supposed to I'll cancel the job (even if they are half way through it), refuse to pay them, and get someone else to finish it. I usually get the work done on time!
    Your patchworks are lovely -giving me inspiration for a few things of my own ;-)


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