Monday, December 2

Mug Mats from UFO's...

Time to finish or repurpose some UFO's, so I can start the  New Year guilt free on some new projects...
I just hate having a couple of blocks around that don't ever look like they are going to amount to much else than a couple of blocks...
These two Mug Mats blocks started out as raw edge applique drunkards path blocks for a quilt....that is as far as I got with that idea... I've turned the blocks into Mug Mats fund raisers......
Then there are three hexie diamonds, that don't look like ever being much more than just these three...but don't they look lovely placed like this...oh dear, my heart says...I love these!
...They started off this I removed the end hexies to make them a little more the size I wanted.....
...and will applique them to a background and make place mats ...for me this time..
I don't think three will be you ?....
Here's  a close up of my hand-quilted  Hexie / Dresden table topper I made a couple of years ago...I love this one.
DD found this Vintage Hexie cake tin at a garage sale...thought I might like it, all for just a few dollars....she knows me well!
Can you see "Anticipation" on the tin, and the look on the girls faces....."no alcohol" is also written on the tin...I wonder how good it tasted...oh, and made in England.
For me it's anticipation of what's next!
Another new week closer to Christmas.....and officially summer here for far lovely mild weather, but I know it will heat up as the days go on.
Have a lovely week....♥


  1. Hello Julia,

    The addition of the serviette holder is such a lovely idea on the place mat.I am in love with those hexies, they will make such a lovely set of place mats.
    Great find with the tin, this one is suits you to a t.

    Have a lovely day, the start of the Summer has been very kind to us.

  2. Thank you so much for showing your special treasures, I love the tin, the faces!
    Yes summer is here for us in NZ too, it is hot! I have put my tree up today, it is always fun getting all the bits n' pieces out, some lovely memories.

  3. Clever! I like your ideas and your style!

  4. The tin is amazing, as is your creative work!!

  5. A lovely interesting Post Julia! Nice to see you having fun! Hugs xx

  6. Nice use of the orphan pieces, Julia. They all look good, but the place mats you are going to keep will be so lovely. The hexies are gorgeous!
    What a fun tin!
    BTW, when it gets too hot for you maybe you can cool off by thinking about how we will be in the single digits (Fahrenheit) later this week.

  7. Gorgeous hexies and matching tin!

  8. Lovely ideas to re-purpose those UFO's :)


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