Tuesday, November 26

Quilting up a Ladder.....plus Periwinkles anyone....

 I thought this was so cute I had to share it here just for fun.....I love it!
I found it on  friends FB.....OK now, I know we will quilt just about anywhere, but would you go to this extreme....I know I would more than likely fall off the ladder.
See the little black cat....
It looks like a card....I tried googling that name but was unable to find out much about it...♥
Not really a lot of sewing going on here, just too busy with family stuff, but I thought I would pull out these periwinkles that were started some time earlier this year...or was it last year!.
I thought it would be a good project to take out....
....you may be able to just see on the left of the photo I started American piecing them.....but decided paper piecing would be better at getting perfect centre joins and points.
So last night I cut a whole lot of papers ready to take out and pieced these few while watching TV..
Now to somehow join these paper pieced periwinkles to the American  pieced ones...or just start afresh....
Off to patchwork today....better get a move on...
Have a lovely day whatever you have planned....


  1. Your periwinkles are so pretty. I think they would be a great project to continue:)

  2. I didn't know that was the name of these blocks. I thought you were talking about the color periwinkle when I saw the title of the post.
    But these do sparkle and the name is fitting! Very pretty. : )

  3. Such a lovely picture Julia..

    Your periwinkles look very pretty but far too fiddley for me...

  4. Perhaps you could glue the papers into the already made American ones? They look gorgeous, I didn't know this pattern was called Periwinkle, its very cute.

  5. Love them Julia. I enjoyed making mine and seeing yours I could be tempted to make another one. I know yours will be beautiful.

  6. Enjoying all the lovely colours on this post. Hope you have a productive and very enjoyable day.


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