Saturday, November 16


 This afternoon I gave myself permission  to lose myself in my sewing room...
Keeping my Mojo going....I pieced this flimsy I'm calling "Harlequin" in just four hours...the machine was purring I lost myself in the new project...nice to forget about everything else for just a few hours...
I've had this box of precut charms for some time....I just never know what to do with precuts.
I picked out 4 little bundles of  the "modern" charms...modern for me!.... and played with them.
Spring Fever, Verno, Eden, and Frolic....
At first I tried piecing them as nine patches, but I could see there was not going to be I left them pieced as strips of 3's...

Sashed the strips of three with this colourful spot fabric.
Well it was a toss up between the white with black dots or the one I chose.....I thought the black made the brights pop!

Not a big quilt, just 33" x 45 "....big enough for a kid size lap quilt.
Ok, now what to do with these charms....
Very hot here in the west down under...
Hope your having a nice weekend....♥


  1. Ooh! I like that one.
    Precuts are great for quick results.

  2. what a great way to spend a day. Your quilt top is so pretty.

  3. Very clever use of these "charming" little packs, Julia. Just beautiful!

  4. What a fantastic quilt, I especially love the fact it only took 4 hours! I love the way you purchased the pre cuts, not seen them sold like that, in fact not seen many for sale in that size, but just read a blog post about them here
    Not a free pattern I don't think but some ideas! A table runner or two would make some lovely Christmas pressies!

  5. Loving this one! The colors stand out really well with the black, I think you chose well. I love pre cuts for their easy peasy use.

  6. I like the black with spots for sashing.
    Your scrappy style quilts are always amazing :)

  7. Hi Julia - I just knew you would think up something amazing to do with the charms - what a great quilt! Well done!!
    I presume they are the mini charms? I'm sure another idea will come to you for the remaining ones... x

  8. What a fun project! Looks like you whipped that up in no time. Bet you'll be quilting it soon too.

  9. What a fun project! Looks like you whipped that up in no time. Bet you'll be quilting it soon too.

  10. Hi Julia,
    that is a gorgeous way to use up those darn 5" squares that I've cut out to make some order out of my scraps!
    Sorry to hear 'family stuff' is getting you me if you want to offload ((hugs))


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