Friday, November 1

I found Mojo!!!

Yes, I found my Mojo...
...with the help of my dear blogging friend Paula, mojo was there all the time, it was she that pointed it out to me....
..." Hi Julia,
Great news, I was told today that Mojo lives at the fabric shop.  Mullygrubs has been put in Jail, he has to go by free,  was caught jaywalking on Boardwalk....So Mojo is calling you from your local quilt fabric shop, saying come on over, we got things to do and places to go...."
Paula messaged me this, isn't that lovely... it made me smile!.
Thank you dear friend.
 I had been trying not to buy anything, just using what I had....but a bit of retail therapy might be just what I need.
...browsing through my books I found a project to work on...
I already had this fabric with panels of black and white  print. I cut out the panels. some I can use, others are too
Popped down to the shop and bought these red fabrics and some more black and white fabrics to go with what I already had
There's a whole story on this print fabric...doesn't make sense, but it's interesting!
This is a little out of my comfort zone, not bright and sassy, but it's a start!
Is your Mojo at the fabric shop too?.....♥


  1. Oh I love black, white and red, its a great combination! Especially love fabric with text on it, even if it doesn't make sense!

  2. perfect! Of course it lives at the quiltshop, not with all the odd socks!

  3. Happy Happy Happy!!!! Mojo lives...
    love what you are going to work with here....a whole new Julia...can't wait to see this one
    Love you too dear friend

  4. Ys, I think my mojo is at the fabric store--I'm on my way to pick her up and bring her home

  5. Hello I am from Denmark and can Youl tell me the name of the book, where the pattern is??? thank You. Lisbet

  6. Yay for Paula, and Yay for Mojo! Glad you reconnected. I think I have that book, and I'm making a black and white project at Retreat this weekend.

  7. I love the colors and the pattern you selected! I've been kind of mojo less this week but maybe this weekend I can jump back in! Glad you found your mojo.

  8. *LOL* I love this, Julia! What would we do without quilting friends? : )
    Even if I don't want to buy anything, a stop at my favorite LQS to be inspired by fabrics and patterns and talk to the nice people will always help my mojo!

  9. LOL… glad you found yours!

    Mojo lives at the fabric store????

    Who knew!

  10. I'm so glad to read that you found your mojo. Isn't a fabric shop the best possible place to find it? I'm thrilled for you, and I'm looking forward to watching your black/white/red project. Pretty fabrics. That pattern looks like one in a Kim Brackett Scrap Basket book. Did I guess right?

  11. That will be so pretty! I love red, so look forward to seeing this as you get it put together! Glad you found your mojo!! Shopping is always a good remedy for whatever ailes you!


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