Tuesday, November 12

Been Sewing and Shopping...

This is what I sewed at patchwork today...
Well, not all of these today, just ....
...this one and....
...this one...
At least I'm sewing, and loving it again!
I think these will go into a topper or a runner....just using up the small scraps, feels good again!
Do you Pinterest?...oh my...there is so much inspiration on there.
Check out the quilts and  FMQ designs...
I came across this book on there...
Yes, as it says on the cover, 16 Blue Ribbon Quilts....quilts that have won blue ribbons back in the 20's and 30's... 
...and, this one in the book was first made during the CW....when the maker's sweetheart went off to war...she set to and made this quilt.
 The quilt was handed down to a great-niece who allowed it to be copied....which then went on to win a blue ribbon.
 This is just one block.
Makers of the quilts are unknown...and there's no author's name on the booklet.
I Googled it and found one in Canada, so I bought it...paid for it with postage and all.
Being the quilt tragic that I am, now that mojo is back, I kept Googling and found another one....
This time an E-book, pay and it downloads straight away.....yep, guess what I did.
I bought that too, couldn't help myself, I wanted it now!
These are  printed out from that E-book.
Now to decide which quilt to make first....
Hope your having a quilty day ......♥


  1. Brilliant idea, you can work from the e book and keep the "real" one for posterity, and the days when you just have to touch paper to read.

  2. Lovin' those....can't wait to see what you do with them. I'm so happy, happy, happy!!!!!

  3. When your mojo returns, there's no stopping you, Julia. You've been so busy, stitching, planning, buying. Good for you!
    Those books look intriguing. I'll enjoy seeing whatever you decide to work on next.

  4. Thanks for such a great site for patterns - could'nt resist so downloaded a couple straight away!!!

  5. Boy, when your mojo hits, it packs a wallop!! : )
    Your hexie flowers are beautiful! Maybe if mine were that pretty I would actually work on them.

  6. Happy to see your mojo & flower garden grow!

  7. No I don't Pinterest, Julia, or instagram or anything like that, for the simple reason that I would never get off them!!!
    Shopping & sewing is a wonderful turnaround after your drought of recent weeks - well done x

  8. Lovely, as always! So glad you found your passion again!

  9. Hi Julia

    Those are so pretty and feminine.

    Just the thing to re-inspire you


  10. Wherever your mojo went it certainly came back full of vim and vigour. Looks like you are going to be kept very busy trying to keep up with it. X


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