Thursday, October 24

Where are you Mojo?...

I've lost my Mojo...have you seen it?
I just cannot seem to get motivated...don't know what I want to do.
But just look at this gorgeous " Affairs of the Heart ", being made by one of my dear patchwork friend Anne.
How stunning is this, I'm not really fond of Batiks myself, but this I love.
The colours on the black just pop... 
Anne has a blog,'s so beautiful Anne, and you picked the perfect inner border fabric,
it picks up all the colours beautifully!...♥
Yesterday my group were invited to a friendship day with another group called The Pinjarra Quilters.
They are in an old school house in Pinjarra, beautiful setting among magnificent old gum trees and rose bushes.
They made us very welcome with a yummy morning tea and a delicious lunch.
There was show and tell, but I left before I could get some photos,  this quilt hanging up caught my eye..
Can you see how it's part 9 patch and part 16 patch...the colours are bright and scrappy.
I'm thinking another great scrap stash buster...don't you think?
Thank you ladies for a wonderful day, and making us very welcome.
I hope we get to do it again soon.
Take care...I'm off to look for my Mojo!......♥


  1. Oh dear, I hope you find it soon! That does happen to me now and then. Usually I need to go looking for inspiration in magazines, blogs or in quilt shops. Sometimes looking at UFOs does the trick but usually it takes excitement in a new project for my mojo to make a comeback. Good luck. :)

  2. I think your mojo may be hiding somewhere with mine!
    Lovely quilts, thank you for sharing.

  3. While you are waiting for your mojo might I suggest cleaning and organizing your sewing room? You might stumble onto an old UFO that calls to you. Or find fabrics you forgot about. Or pitch out stuff you will never use. I cleaned off bits and bobs off my cutting and sewing spaces and wound up with a box of assorted fabrics neatly folded, a bag of patriotic squares and fabrics and a bag of trash! Felt sew good!

  4. Mojo takes vacation without letting us know, doesn't it?
    Your friend's quilt is stunning! I love batiks with black. The look is so vibrant! Though it isn't something that would fit in my home, I can never get enough. : )
    That is a cute little quilt, and at first glance I just thought it was a 9-patch. Glad you pointed out the variation.

  5. Well, you're in good company, my Mojo went somewhere and didn't tell me when it would be back! ha! I putter here and there with each day ending without any tangible results. I'll know now I'm not alone!!

    Anne's quilt is lovely

  6. Mojo...heck, mine has been missing for a few years now! LOL If you figure out the hiding place, please let me know...mine might be there too!

    Lovely quilts! The black on really does pop. Wow.

  7. Maybe the Mojo is where all the lost socks go?? Where the heck is that!!
    Thanks for sharing the lovely quilts, glad you had a nice day out.

  8. The mojo went for a holiday Julia... it's tired from all your wonderful sewing lately!!
    I do love the black quilt that Anne is making... hope you had a lovely day in my neck of the woods... actually I must check out that group...


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